Say hello to the multi-platform web browser – Opera. More than two hundred million users are utilizing this web browser, making it one of the most popular ones. The best thing about this browser is that it is quite lightweight and does not consume heaps of memory on your personal computer.

Opera is productive when it comes to features and has an intriguing extensions list that improves overall functionality. Choosing add-ons is not as easy as getting 50 darmowych spinów. You must carefully select the add-ons that make your life productive. Well, we have a list of the best add-ons to choose for Opera. Are you ready for the list? Keep reading to find out.

The Best Add-ons for Opera 

If you want to make browsing fast and easy, opt for the add-ons/extensions in this list. We have handpicked some of the best ones for you.

Turn off Lights 

No, we are not talking about the Nelly Furtado song. There is an extension called ‘turn off lights’ for those who like to watch videos at night or anytime during the day. There is a lamp button that focuses on the video you have been watching. Everything else will fade away and turn dark. Click the lamp button, and everything will go back to normal. It is a really cool add-on as it has a turn-off-on and fade-out-in option. It supports various sites like YouTube, Flickr, and much more. In a nutshell, it is a great add-on.

Web of Trust 

How do you find out that a site is safe or not? You must never log on to a susceptible site. That’s why you need a Web of Trust add-on. If a website is secure to browse, it will show a green light. Yellow light is for being cautious – you have to be very careful about visiting such a site. And the red light is a total giveaway – you should not visit this site. These ratings are based on the opinions of real users. There are millions of users who have been rating the sites, so they are aware of the consequences.

Google Translate 

If you landed on a website that is in a completely different language, it is best to have Google Translate by your side. You can click on the translate button, and the result will be in front of you. The translation is easy and really fast with Google Translate, so don’t miss this out! It is a reliable add-on, and everyone must have it.

FB Purity 

In case you are an ardent fan of Facebook, you might want to get rid of spam messages or anything that messes with your head. FB purity will remove unwanted and spam messages from your Facebook messages. After all, nobody wants to see spam messages.

Gmail on Speed Dial 

Well, if you want to check the unread messages on Gmail, consider getting this add-on. You can get a preview of your emails. But you need to be signed in to check your email. This is a handy add-on for those who are expecting important emails.

We hope that this list helped you make a decision. You can get the add-ons and make your browsing experience faster and productive. There is a lot more you can get – check out the extensions list and choose the ones that enhance your daily life.

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