WhatsApp is one of the most used messenger application these days. Most of the smartphone users spend lots of time on WhatsApp. Basically, we use this messenger application for chatting with our friends and loved ones. To make the conversation easier, people also prefer creating WhatsApp Groups. Are you looking for WhatsApp Dare Games, Puzzles or Quiz? If yes then keep stuck at this page and continue reading as we are going to share all types of WhatsApp Games throughout this article.

A large number of smartphone users have installed WhatsApp Messenger on their smartphones. The basic purpose of using WhatsApp is for a conversation with our friends. But, chatting for long hours with anyone makes you feel bored. So, here’s an interesting idea to make your conversating more exciting with the help of WhatsApp Dare Messages. Yeah, WhatsApp can be also now used to play games, quizzes, riddles, puzzles, and dares. You may also like GBWhatsApp & YoWhatsApp Apk which are the best WhatsApp Mods.

As soon as you join college or school, you also get joined to the WhatsApp groups created by your classmates. You can also play WhatsApp Quiz in the groups asking your friends to answer the puzzles. In this way, you can make your boring conversation much better and interesting too. With the help of WhatsApp Truth and Dare, you can easily know someone’s personal lives and secrets. Once you play them with your friends, I am sure you are gonna find it interesting. Also, don’t forget to check our WhatsApp Group Links collection.

whatsapp dare games 2019

WhatsApp Dare Games

Are you looking for WhatsApp Dare Games? Well, I know your answer is yes as you are reading this article. Finding the latest and unique Dare for WhatsApp is the toughest challenge for everyone. Yeah, you can’t forward the same message to the same person from you received it. So, here I will make your task easier. I will share the latest WhatsApp Dare Games through this article. All you need to do is just copy and paste the text from below and paste it to your WhatsApp Message for lovers. We have shared all types of WhatsApp Games in this article.

We have come up with all types of WhatsApp Dare including Dare for lovers, friends, crush, family, cousin and so on. You can choose from your desired category and start playing with anyone whom you want. You don’t need to go for any other websites as we have shared all types of collections throughout the article. The article may go longer as we have tried to fulfill all the requirements of the people. So, without wasting much time, let’s move forward to the topic.

Dares For WhatsApp 2021

#1. Dare: Choose any number between 1 to 22 and I will send you your dare.


  1. Send me your cutest picture.
  2. The quality you’d like to change in yourself?
  3. What do you like about me?
  4. The thing which you don’t like in me?
  5. Write the name of your crush in your status
  6. Will you kill anyone if you get permission? If yes, Who is that person?
  7. On your interest, the person you like to marry.
  8. Which quality do you like the most about yourself?
  9. Describe me in one word.
  10. My contact name on your phone.
  11. The nickname you want to give me?
  12. Things you like most about me?
  13. Which color actually suits me?
  14. Relation status you want to be with me? (No cheating)
  15. The thing you like most about my character?
  16. The thing you hate in my attitude?
  17. Which type of dresses suits me the most?
  18. Dedicate a song to our relationship?
  19. Rate my WhatsApp DP out of 10?
  20. Who is your best friend?
  21. The person whom you trust the most?
  22. What is your crazy dream?

WhatsApp Dare Message for Crush

whatsapp dares for crush
Cute Love WhatsApp Dare Games for Crush

Almost everyone tries to make conversation with their crush interesting. Many people try to impress their crush in different ways. There are so many people who look for WhatsApp Games for Crush which they can play with their crush. You can use these WhatsApp Dare for Lovers to impress your crush. Here I have shared some tasks are given which you can send to your crush and give a Dare to him/her. You can also know their secret with the help of these games.

Dare: Just choose a heart number from 1 to 20 and I will give you an awesome task.

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤10 ❤11 ❤12 ❤13 ❤14 ❤15 ❤16 ❤17 ❤18 ❤19 ❤20


❤1. Add my Pic on your WhatsApp Story.

❤2. Make my name on your status saying you wanna marry me.

❤ 3. Propose me right now as a private message.

❤ 4. Use my picture on your DP.

❤ 5. Send me your ugliest pic ever.

❤ 6. Record your voice saying “I can’t live without you” and send to me

❤ 7. Send me your Pic from the Toilet

❤ 8. You are so lucky, no need to perform any task

❤ 9. Tell me what you are wearing as your nightdress

❤ 10. Make a collage of our photos and add as your DP

❤ 11. Tell me the name of your first crush

❤ 12. Propose me in a very sexist way

❤ 13. Record a 2 minutes voice clip saying what you think about me.

❤ 14. When you get hot sometimes, what you actually do?

❤ 15. Who am I for you?

❤ 16. How much you like watching romantic and kissing scenes?

❤ 17. How do you feel when someone stares at you?

❤ 18. What have you done just before sleeping yesterday?

❤ 19. You’re lucky again, forward this message to someone else and enjoy the scene

❤ 20. Give me a hug when you meet me


  • Who am I for you?
  1. Pizza
  2. Drug
  3. Burger
  4. Painkiller
  5. Chocolate
  6. Sweets
  7. Cigarette


  • Pizza = Friends
  • Drug = You can’t live without me
  • Chocolate = Love
  • Sweet = Best Friends
  • Pain killer = Need for me
  • Burger = Timepass
  • Cigarette = you like me

WhatsApp Dares Emoji

Dare: Select any one of the emoji and reply within 2 minutes.



???????? – Put the name of your crush on your WhatsApp status

???????? – Use my picture as your WhatsApp DP

???????? – Propose me right now

???????? – Tell me your best secret

☝☝ – Come to Date with me

???????? – Send me your ugliest picture

???????? – Kiss me when I meet you

???????? – Recharge my mobile with Rs.100

???????? – Rate my Pic out of 10

✊✊ – Tell me what relationship do you expect from me

???????? – Send me your cutest picture

✌✌ – The thing you hate in my attitude

???????? – What is your crazy dream?

WhatsApp Dare Messages for Girlfriend / Boyfriend / Lovers

romantic whatsapp dare for lovers
Romantic WhatsApp Dare Messages for Lovers

Most of the people look for WhatsApp Dare Games for lovers so that they can make interesting conversation in their relationship. Well, if you have also same thought, then we brought something for you too. Here I will be sharing the latest WhatsApp Dares for Girlfriend and boyfriend which you can use to play with your loved ones. I know its hard to find unique and latest dares for lovers so that I have added the trending dare games just for you.

Dare: Choose any of the given numbers and I will tell about your personality.



0000 – Moody
1111 – Innocent
2222 – Stupid
3333 – Caring Person
4444 – Negative
5555 – Intelligent
6666 – Honest Lover
7777 – Smart
8888 – Cheater
9999 – Loyal

Dare: The name of the cities is hidden inside the clue. Find the names by decoding them through the emojis.

1) ????????

2) ➡????

3) ♦????®

4) ????®????

5) ????®U

6) ❤li

7) ????????????????®

8) ⚫????

9) ⛓????

10) ???? ????

11) T????????®

12) ????????????

13) ????????N????

14) ????D????


1) Surat

2) Indore

3) Itanagar

4) Agra

5) Bengaluru

6) Dilli

7) Srinagar

8) Calcutta

9) Chennai

10) Hyderabad

11) Tatanagar

12) Bombay

13) Patna

14) Chandigarh

WhatsApp Dare For Friends

Life is boring and colorless without friends. Most of us make fun and entertainment with our friends only. We all make fun with our friends the whole day and even on social media too. Even, we create WhatsApp Groups of our best friends to insult each other. Well, here I have something totally different for you. To make more fun and enjoyment, check out the latest WhatsApp Dare Games for Friends.

Dare: Select from the UNLOCK DARELOCK and give a reply within 10 seconds. Then, I will give you a dare 😉


funny whatsapp questions with answers
Funny WhatsApp Dare Games

Funny WhatsApp Dare Quiz

Did you ever wish to play WhatsApp Quiz with your friends? Well, it will be quite boring if you ask them the General Knowledge related questions to them. So, to make the game much interesting, we have brought up the Funny WhatsApp Questions with answers. This will be going to be very entertaining once you play with your friends or loved ones. Here are some questions which you have to ask your friends. Thereafter, you can send them the funniest answer that doesn’t have a proper meaning. So, check out the funny WhatsApp quiz which is mentioned below.

Question: Which is the most shocking city in the world?

Answer: Very simple, It’s Electricity

Question: Where was the potato found at first?

Answer: In the ground

Question: What comes down but never goes up?

Answer: Rain ????

Question: How 2+2 equals 5?

Answer: By Mistake

Question: What can fly but has no wings?

Answer: Time

Making conversation with anyone for hours makes you feel boring, Am I right? Well, you can add some entertainment with the help of WhatsApp Riddles, Puzzles, Quiz with Answers and WhatsApp Dare Games which we have shared inside this article. You can also try several things to make entertainment on WhatsApp such as joining WhatsApp groups, sharing memes with your friends etc. I just helped you by sharing this all-in-one stuff in a single post. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you.

I hope you already know how to play these WhatsApp Dares. It’s so simple playing this game. You just need to copy the above texts and send to those whom you want to play with. Now, ask them to reply within the given time otherwise they will be disqualified from the game. Once they choose the given dare, you can ask them for the truth or dare. You should also try out FMWA and OGWhatsApp as they are trending WhatsApp Mods these days.

Final Words:

Let me ask you a question, did you find this article helpful for you? Do let us know through the comments. I hope you loved the WhatsApp Dare Games which we have shared with you. We have tried to add all types of categories such as WhatsApp Dare for Crush, WhatsApp Games for Lovers, Dares for Crush throughout this article. If you have any suggestions, please suggest us in the comments below.

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