It’s impossible to deny that digital channels have forever altered the way we communicate with one another. They’ve transformed the way we interact, work, and shop. They have, indeed, altered the way we operate our companies and communicate with our customers. They have, indeed, altered the way we operate our companies and communicate with our customers.

The capacity of an organization to offer a fluid, interactive brand experience is referred to as digital marketing sophistication. Whether or not the majority of their company is conducted online, adopting a digital marketing strategy is critical for all businesses.

But where do you begin when creating a digital marketing strategy? This article aims to inform you of the digital marketing revolution, why it is important, and why all “traditional” companies should embrace it. Do enjoy the read.

What is the Digital Marketing Revolution?


One definition of digital marketing is that it is the process of achieving marketing goals through the use of emerging technology and media. There’s no denying that creativity is speeding up the creation of new technology and pushing the boundaries of how marketers perform their jobs daily. Here are a few challenges;

  • Cash Flow Management: Businesses can experience cash flow challenges during difficult economic times. Cash flow management will be especially important for business owners and marketers. Moving a section of or all your business online, saves you money on expenses like an office or commercial space.
  • Content Creation: Customers and prospects are constantly on the lookout for new content that educates them and directs them to a solution.
  • Complying with Information sharing and Data Privacy regulations
  • Accessibility of Websites
  • Developing a Mobile-First Strategy.
  • Developing an Omni-channel Marketing Plan
  • Preserving Brand Authority and Continuity
  • Keeping Up to Date With Google’s Algorithms

Why Should You Embrace Digital Marketing


During these covid-19 times especially, there is a higher need to embrace the power of digital marketing for our businesses. From that small retail store owner to the big business company, we all have to understand the role social media plays in our businesses. As a manufacturing retailer, you can no longer hand physical copies of your business information or you will risk getting infected.

Embracing the power of digital media to run your campaigns and training is the next big thing. Be it training your clients on trunnion mounted ball valve applications and usage statistics, or running a paid ad on social media, it will keep your business relevant in this day and age.

Solving Your Pipeline Needs

So, your revenue projections are off, and you’re now under pressure to draw sales-ready leads. Your circumstance isn’t unusual. The bad news is that finding ready-to-buy buyers will be difficult, and could remain so for some time. The good news is that there are more opportunities than ever before to fill the top of your funnel with high-quality leads.

With more people working from home due to movement restrictions, this ensures an increase in the amount of online traffic. This creates a boom in the digital marketing space as almost everyone will see your advertisements, assuming you shift your strategy to cater to their needs.

Search Engine Optimization

The drop in branded searches for “non-essential” companies or goods may be one explanation for this. Whether or not they were considered “essential” or “non-essential” before the virus.

People are looking for more “essential” goods and services by name in the aftermath of the pandemic. Not only the ones that are essential for their physical well-being but also their overall well-being. As a result, you should create content that is important to what consumers are looking for in your industry and optimize it accordingly.

Taking Advantage of Digital Consumption

With budgets shrinking by the day, it’s reasonable to pause your paid marketing promotions. However, it’s worth noting that paid media can be one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to reach your target audience during this period.

Simultaneously, consumers are spending more time online, and the cost of reaching them has decreased in certain sectors, which means you have more opportunities to get in front of the competitors at a lower cost.


Prior to COVID, digital marketing as a whole was on the rise, as was marketer trust in it. Unfortunately, the proof needed for skeptics to join the bandwagon is now available and in full force. Yes, digital marketing trends can rise and fall like every other trend, but investing in powerful digital approaches now will ensure the company is well-positioned and resilient throughout the recovery and beyond.

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