Bitcoin entered the mainstream marketplace in 2017, and since then, bitcoin has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Despite massive competition in the cryptocurrency market and increasing Altcoins, bitcoin is still on the top.

Bitcoin is the most profitable and most valuable cryptocurrency of all time. As the store value of bitcoin alongside market cap is increasing, the number of bitcoin users is correspondingly increasing. As a result, people use bitcoin to make considerable money, such as trading, mining, and holding bitcoin as an investment.

You can make a tremendous amount of profit from bitcoin trading. If you want to get profitable results in your bitcoin trading venture, check bitqs website for more details. Undeniably bitcoin is an excellent source of income, but the inventor of bitcoin did not invent bitcoin to make us rich but to make us accessible. Bitcoin is an exceedingly robust and electronic payment method that can help us to facilitate the transaction.

The transaction fees of processing transactions in the bitcoin complex are meager, but why? Below is a complete portion that demonstrates a solution to your query. So why are you waiting? Let’s have a glance.

What Do You Mean By Bitcoin?

As mentioned ahead, several people are considering bitcoin as an income source. The returns of bitcoin holding are working as a passive income for many investors. All the more, major companies are performing bitcoin mining progression to get profitable results. However, neither is bitcoin an investment nor a method to make money. Bitcoin is a virtual software that underlies the technology of a peer-to-peer network and a blockchain.

Bitcoin is the first-ever cryptocurrency to have a peer-to-peer network alongside the first-ever implementation of the blockchain concept. Satoshi Nakamoto filed a domain for his official website in august 2008. The official website of bitcoin,, has the white paper of bitcoin. The white paper of bitcoin defines bitcoin as an electronic cash system.

In a nutshell, bitcoin is a transaction method with a whole peer-to-peer network. Moreover, Bitcoin is politically independent, which means you can make transactions without the support of government authorities.

Why are the transaction fees of bitcoin meager?

Bitcoin correspondingly allows you to transfer your funds from one individual to another in the form of bitcoin; all the more, you can convert bitcoin into cash as well. Thus, the purpose of bitcoin is analogous to the traditional banking system.

However, the dynamics of both bitcoin and traditional banking systems are different from one another. For example, traditional banking systems levy a considerable amount of transaction fees while processing the transactions where the transaction fees of the bitcoin complex are meager.

The prominent reason why bitcoin levies such a low amount of transaction fees is its decentralization aspect. You are familiar with the fact that bitcoin is politically independent, and no government authorities can intervene in the complexity of bitcoin.

Since bitcoin does not confer the protocols and regulation of the government authorities, it is devoid of intermediaries. Due to the absence of intermediaries and third parties in the bitcoin network, the transaction fees of the bitcoin network are significantly less. All the more, bitcoin transactions do not even incur banking fees.

How does Bitcoin achieve decentralization?

Achieving decentralization might sound like a simple task, but it is very challenging. Bitcoin achieves decentralization with the assistance of three crucial aspects related to bitcoin. The first is a peer-to-peer network, the second is blockchain, and the third is bitcoin mining.

Federal banks and other financial authorities regulate the traditional banking system. On the other hand, peer-to-peer networks have several nodes that collectively regulate the entire Bitcoin complex. Moreover, the bitcoin complex has their own public distributed ledger, which stores information regarding every transaction of the bitcoin complex.

To mitigate the chances of potential risks and theft elements, bitcoin miners verify every transaction of the bitcoin complex by integrating computing power. As a result, Bitcoin miners correspondingly eradicate the probability of double-spending. The number of nodes present in the peer to peer network of bitcoins is nearly 10000. However, bear in mind that bitcoin’s network does not ensure the existence of a node.

These are some prominent reasons why bitcoin levies a low transaction fee compared to the traditional banking system.

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