Are you a college student? Or you are a faculty. Here is joyful news for you all. Microsoft has launched one scheme where you can get a Windows 10 student discount in which you can utilize the benefits of Windows 10. Hurry up & take advantage of it. In this blog, I will illustrate what is Windows 10 discount for students and how you can bring it into effective action.

Let’s go ahead and get started.

A student can acquire Windows 10 at a low and affordable price if you identify where to check for it. Presently you can take advantage of the Windows 10 student discount. The Windows 10 discount is rendered by Microsoft that can aid you to obtain Windows 10 at a low price and shorter budget. Besides students, it is also accessible to all the educational employees, educational institutes, and other workers in the educational field.

What Is The Windows 10 Student Discount?

Microsoft comes up with special discounts and offers for students. This project is well known as “Microsoft Student Discount”, and Windows 10 student discount is a fragment of it. With the support of this, students and teachers can get Windows 10 at a low cost or even for free.

But for that, you must be eligible and satisfy the criteria. Also, there is some specific privilege that you get along with the Microsoft Student discount.

It includes various kinds of hardware like surface go2, surface- laptop go, surface- Pro 7, surface laptop 13, surface Pro X, surface book 3 and also offers you 10% off on surface accessories like a surface pen, type cover or mouse, surface headphones. It also gives an extra edge on the utility of free software like Microsoft 365 for free to students.

How to Get Windows 10 Student Discount?

What Is Windows 10 Education Discount?

When you collect Windows 10 through the Windows discount offer, then it is also titled as Windows 10 Education. Microsoft denotes Windows 10 Education as the most powerful version of Windows 10. It substantially set up for students and educators. The superior characteristic of Windows 10 Education is security, device management, multiple language pack support, hardware device encryption that is absent in the home version. It also contains remote apps, client remote desktop plus Hyper-V, AppLocker, BitLocker app.

In a nutshell, if you are a student that fits into Microsoft’s terms and conditions, then you should choose the educational version instead of a home version. It will be more worthwhile as well as serviceable together with abundant features.

Windows 10 Education Discount
Windows 10 is a string of system software developed by Microsoft and launched as a segment of its Windows NT category of the operating system. The prime goal of Windows 10 is to fuse the Windows experience over various gadgets like a tablet, phone, computer, desktop.

Windows 10 desktop brings a benefit to manage many apps and programs at the same time and each present in its specific Windows. Windows 10 diversified with various programs like Windows app, One drive, Outlook, Skype, OneNote, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft team, and many more.

Important Features Of Windows 10:

Windows 10 comprises of outstanding features and numerous advancement. It includes many ultra-modern features like the new Edge browser, customized start menu, Cortana on desktop, Xbox app, Spartan browser, action center, task manager, and many more.  Here are some well explained dynamic features of Windows 10-

1. Microsoft Edge browser:

Windows 10 is an innovative and reformed version that brings the inbuilt Microsoft Edge browser installed. It consists of privacy features that drive to put a barrier on particular sites that tries to track you and keep an eye on your actions- like Mozilla Firefox browser. Edge browser also allows you to collect the necessary and beneficial knowledge, data, and facts from numerous websites during research work which comes under the “collection” feature of the browser.

features of Windows 10 - avail the student dicsount of Windows 10

2. Customization of the new start menu

The latest version offers more elegant design along with new panels at the start button. New version substitutes the solid color at the base of the desktop icons with the moderately light color background so that icons can be noticeable. You can also switch the colors based on your choice, whether its active on light or dark mode. Also, a new pattern of the panel added in the start button that is the right and left panel.

Windows 10 features

The right column represents a selection of different apps that you can modify, alter the size, reshuffle based on your choice. The left column represents the newly and most frequently used apps. Also, the power button splits into different categories like sleep mode, shutdown, restart mode, update and restart, update and shutdown. Search button at the bottom is also modified and connected to internet results besides the outcomes of programs and files.

3. Cortana on desktop

Windows 10 introduce the voice control virtual assistant Cortana in desktop and computer. It makes you effortless and trouble-free while interacting with devices. Cortana on desktop is helping hand for those who are Multitasker. It can also send an email, although you are operating on other programs and assists you, to find particular files, photos, peculiar data, or to open PPT, MS Word, MS Excel through voice assistant in seconds.

4. Xbox app –

It permits the user to play Xbox one game in computers or tablets. The latest applications software reinforce the new Xbox games along with fast speed and well-illustrated graphics that become possible due to DirectX -12 support. It also facilitates the multiple players as well as online friends to play on Xbox platforms through Windows 10. You can also track your friends action on it.

5. Project Spartan browser

This browser provides outstanding characteristics like PDF support, reading mode, OneNote that allow keeping notes.

6. Permit multitasking

It leads you to do multiple tasks at a single time. You can also switch between different apps through task view button that displays all the active tabs. You can also split the screen that supports to operate on multiple apps and multi-window use. Snap assist is a vital component of Windows 10 that present screen split.

7. Action center

It notifies you of all the notifications with pop up the sound on the lower right side of the screen. All the history notifications exist in the action center, and it continues to update you about all essential details. “Quick actions” aids to access tablet mode, Wi-Fi, VPN in a rapid and comfortable manner.

8. Say hello to Windows 10

This feature replaces the password or pin code system to access the Windows device. It comes up with a new feature regarding passwords like face recognition, fingerprint, and even biometric authentication method. It is a powerful and exciting feature and well known as “Windows Hello”.

9. Task manager

This option gives you an overview of your processor, RAM, monitor the various running apps, performance of the system, view network status, startup, users, details, services, background process, window process of all tabs.

here is how to avail Windows 10 student discount - task manager

How To Claim For Windows 10 Student Discount?

To make use of the benefit of Windows 10 student discount, one should go along with the following steps:

Step 1- First of all, click on a web browser and go to “Education store- Microsoft” website. Now open the “students” option while clicking on it.

Click here to Visit.

here is how to avail Windows 10 student discount

Step 2- Now straight away fill-up the form. On top of it give real and complete information about the college and school.

How To Claim For Windows 10 Student Discount

Step 3- When the filling of the form gets over, then you will be able to see the series of accessible products. Click on Windows 10 Education option from this page. Then automatically you will switch to another page of the e-store.


Step 4- Following it, open the “Add to Cart” option via clicking on it. Again click on the sign-in button and open it employing your username and password.

In case of having no account then first and foremost register it for all time. It requires only your institutional issued email address.

After the completion of the one-time registration process, you can sign in through credentials option and carry on with your buying.

Step 5- After that, finish the audit process. Later on, you will collect your Windows 10 education version. After installing it lookup for the setup process.

Finally, you will able to operate a new Windows 10 software. To finish it off without error, one must stick to the displayed instructions on the screen.

That’s it.


Windows 10 is the latest and robust version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Windows 10 specially formulated for college students and educational workers. If you are a college student or in school, then you should certainly utilize the advantage of the Windows 10 student discount. It enables you to buy various Microsoft products at significant discounts and even for free. Enjoy it!

I hope this post was helpful to you. If you enjoyed it, then share your experience with your friends and colleagues. If you have utilized the opportunity of Windows 10 student discount, then let us know in the comment box.

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