Energy-saving fans are a great way for households to save money on their monthly energy bills. But what’s more important is the fact that energy-saving fans help contribute to the environment by reducing the emissions that lead to various environmental woes. So if you are planning to buy a new fan for your home or are still stuck with those old regular fans, here’s a post that tells you about the benefits of investing in an energy savings fan. Let’s get started.

Energy-saving fans allow substantial savings on energy bills.

Well, if you thought that only heavy-duty appliances such as ACs, geysers, and microwaves deserve your attention when it comes to power consumption, you need to think again. Fans run for a substantial period of the day and so the power consumed by them leads to a substantial part of our energy bills. So it is important to pay attention to the power consumed by a fan when you buy one. Buying an energy-saving fan will help you slash your energy bills by a substantial amount. The New York Chelsea BLDC by Luminous India, for instance, consumes 50% less energy as compared to a regular fan.

Energy-saving fans are environmentally friendly.

As we know that most of the power produced around the world comes from fossil fuels. And fossil fuels lead to environmental woes such as the Greenhouse Effect and global warming. Installing energy-saving fans helps reduce the power consumption which in turn reduces the amount of fossil fuel used to produce energy. As responsible citizens, this is the least we can do to contribute to making Earth a greener planet.

Energy-saving fans offer superior performance.

Many people assume that as energy-saving fans draw less energy, their motors aren’t very powerful. According to them, a higher air delivery means a stronger motor, and the stronger the motor, the more the power consumption. While a stronger motor does help in higher air delivery and stronger air thrust but the fact is that the latest energy-efficient fans come with the latest technologies such as BLDC Technology which offers a stronger motor with minimal power consumption. Also, good-quality energy-saving fans from reputable brands like Luminous come with aerodynamically designed fan blades that provide superior air delivery and stronger air thrust.

Energy-saving fans offer a wide range of style and design options.

Ceiling fans have a major impact on the aesthetics of any space and so it is important to choose a fan that complements the decor of the room in which it is installed. The new age ceiling fans are not just energy-efficient but they are also tastefully designed. In fact, Luminous India has introduced an entire range of designer energy-saving fans that gives customers a wide range of design and style options.

Last Word

When you buy a fan make sure it is BEE Rated. BEE rating is an energy efficiency standard that rates appliances sold in India, on the basis of their energy efficiency. Also, we recommend that you buy from a reputable brand like Luminous India as most of its fans have a BEE star rating in the range of 3 stars to 5 stars.

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