Whether you are traveling to meet a client or attend a conference, it is crucial that you remain productive throughout your journey. Luckily, having the right tech gear at your fingertips can make you both more effective and efficient, no matter your location. With this in mind, here is a list of some of the best gadgets to take with you on business trips.

Portable Router and Power Bank

Sometimes you may not have enough time to charge your device. In addition, power outlets can be tricky to find if you are in transit. A power bank is a great gadget to carry with you in case your smartphone runs out of juice. Today, many power banks also double as portable WiFi hotspots in case you happen to be staying at a hotel with poor WiFi signal or need to use the internet on the go. Portable routers can also save you money on roaming charges if you happen to be traveling overseas.


Smartwatches are for more than just telling the time. They are mini-computers that are worn on the wrist. Stylish and packed with features, they are also the ideal travel companions. Smartwatches can be used to forward notifications from smartphones and make voice calls. More sophisticated devices even let users send voice commands to their smartphones. They also support a huge variety of apps and include GPS tracking to ensure that you find no matter where you are. And if you are into fitness, they can also act as pedometers and heart rate monitors.

iPads and Tablets

Not just compact, but also powerful, Android tablets and iPads don’t take a lot of space in a suitcase. Smaller and more lightweight than laptops, they let you update your blog or check your social media and emails while on the road. They are also a great resource for presentations and meetings. If you absolutely have to take your laptop with you on business trips, consider investing in a 2-in-1 laptop, a portable laptop that can be easily transformed into a tablet.

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Portable Power Outlet Strip

We have all been there—checking into a hotel only to find out that our room doesn’t have enough outlets to charge all our gadgets. And let’s face it, charging your tablet in the bathroom is not terribly practical. Portable power strips feature numerous outlets and some even come with USB charging ports. If you are traveling overseas, opt for a portable power outlet strip with power adapters.

Portable Scanner

Many of us have used a smartphone app to scan a document only to discover that the results left a lot to be desired. Portable scanners are around a foot in length and deliver quality scans anywhere and anytime. Better still, they can be used to scan color and two-sided documents. Plus, using a portable scanner is not as time-consuming as scanning documents with your smartphone—a great time saver if you are dealing with a lot of pages.

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