Normally, one likes to come back from work and watch an extremely entertaining and captivating movie or TV show that would help them escape into a different world. Think about it, how many times have you come back home to watch X-men movies in the right order? Sounds like a good marathon, right?

But again, there are times when you just want to engulf yourself into something that is rich with information and has value to your life and general knowledge. And that is when God said “let there be documentaries”.

If you’re enthusiastic about the latest technology, we have created a list of five documentaries that you must watch. Let’s get started, shall we?

The Great Hack

You must have heard about the unethical utilization of the private data of American voters back in 2016 by Cambridge Analytica, a British consulting firm. This documentary is on that; it unveils how Cambridge Analytica acquired private data of the American voters through Facebook only to micro-target potential voters and make their campaigns more successful and effective.

To this date, many people believe that it was a conspiracy. However, there is still a large faction of the audience who thinks this happened and are focused on the tactics and unraveling the unethical doings of the British firm. Are you ever intrigued by the way companies and campaign makers use social media to derive private information from users to make their venture more and more successful? Do you think it’s inappropriate, intrusive and unethical? Well, this documentary is made for you.

The Social Dilemma

We are all aware of the powerful effect social media has on us; we’re literally wrapped around it’s fingers, if it was a hand. It’s overpowering, intrusive and overwhelming to death. How does it do that? Is it really deeply rooted in our consciousness? This documentary attempts to answer all of these questions that naturally and organically pop into our heads.

Don’t say that you’ve never wondered why you’re seeing certain ads when you were only just thinking about them. It’s absolutely creepy and terrifying to be utterly honest.

The documentary takes the experiences of every kind of person into consideration; especially the experts of Silicon Valley IT and former employees of Facebook. If you ever feel that you are addicted to, or someone you know is addicted to social media, show them this documentary. It will open their eyes and make them aware of the actual horrors that hide behind the timeline of Facebook and other social media platforms.

Coded Bias

We are all aware of facial recognition technology but how many of us are aware of its biases and how flawed it actually is? This documentary shatters all the assumptions we have in our minds about this path breaking or revolutionary technology.

You have M.I.T Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini, who discovers the truth and reveals how there are errors when it comes to scanning users with darker skin tones or people of ethnic backgrounds. Topics of discrimantion and racism come into the discussion. You will see how the modern world, even in the technological world, is full of hypocrisy and division.

Print the Legend

What do you know of 3D printing? We all make jokes about being able to 3D print food online, but again, what do you really know? How did it come into the limelight? How did it become so successful? Who was the greatest mind behind its success?

MakerBot, Formlabs and 3D Systems are some of the companies that are at the center of this discussion. In this documentary, you will find immense knowledge and an understanding of the power of 3D printing. It’s dark past and a fascinating future, the several ups and downs, and of course, the current status.

Life 2.0

You might have seen it in an episode of Black Mirror; how messed up did it look? More importantly, did the concept not terrify you to death? Well, it’s a reality now. Second Life is a video game in which the player gets to create a version of themselves and basically thrive on a second life that they live virtually via simulation. They explore their existence in a world that we know very little of and of course it’s addictive nature that leads to destructive pathways.

But this documentary also shows a different side of this invention. It shows us how some trauma patients deal with their pain through escapism and find solace in this virtual reality. The atrocities they have faced in life and the impact of abusive patterns and relationships are all gone in this virtual world. But that still maintains the question: Is this escapism healthy?

In Conclusion

This list of five documentaries is designed for individuals who are obsessed with everything related to technology; their impact, history, and the mind behind them. We have tried to choose documentaries that had something for everyone, and we  hope you enjoy them. Do let us know which one turned out to be your favorite.

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