Summertime is always packed with several outdoor activities with your friends and family such as BBQs, road trips, trekking, and of course days at the beach.

One of the most exciting beach activities that you might be interested in is surfing. With over 35 million surfers worldwide, this sport may just be a pastime for some people but it is also considered a lifestyle.

Before head out to the back, it is important that you learn surfing from experts who can guide you in the right direction. At Ombe, you will learn different surf hacks that will improve your skill and accelerate your level of surfing.

While you are training yourself to catch beautiful waves, it is important that you are equipped with all the necessary surfing accessories. As a beginner, the right equipment will make your time on the water enjoyable and a memorable experience.

No matter the season, here are a few essential surfing items that you must have before you start catching waves:


The most obvious item required for you to surf is a surfboard, without it you would have to swim. Keep in mind there are several surfboards in the market that offer different levels of experience.

These boards differ in types, sizes, styles, and materials that can help you balance and stand up while catching some waves. New to surfing? A foam or polystyrene board is considered an excellent learning board.

However, if you are looking for a surfboard you might want to take advice from experienced and advanced surfers, who can direct you to make the right choices. Some of the boards you will come across are fish boards, hybrid boards, shortboards, funboards, longboards, and so on.


Even though you may see many surfers who surf in their bathing suits, any seasoned surfer will always recommend a wetsuit. It is a vital surfing gear as it keeps you warm while the temperatures in the water can be quite cold at times. When selecting a wetsuit make sure it fits you properly and does not restrict your movement.

Since surfing makes you do a lot of yoga-like movements, a comfortable fit suit will enhance your surfing experience. Another important feature is the cut of the wetsuit as it can create pockets of air that weigh you down while surfing.


A leash or leg rope is one of the most important surfing gear for any kind of surfer. It is a rope that is attached to your surfboard and yourself so that you do not lose your surfboard. It is basically a safety feature that remains connected to your board the whole time you are catching waves.

Make sure that your leg rope is durable and designed to stay tangle-free in the water. As a general rule, the length of the leash should either match the length of your board or be slightly longer than your surfboard. While it may feel a bit uncomfortable and restrictive at first but once you understand its importance, you’ll never surf without one.

Surf Wax

When you head to the beach, you will always notice surfers spreading something over their boards, it is called surf wax. It is an essential surfing accessory that helps you maintain balance without slipping by giving you a grip. As a beginner surfer, learning to balance on top of the wave can be tough, surf wax can help you stay on your board longer.

As much as improving your balance and avoiding slippery situations is important, choosing the right wax will also help protect the environment. A great alternative to wax is a traction pad that will provide necessary resistance and is less likely to fall off.

Board Cover

A surfboard cover makes sure that your board is protected from any kind of damage. Some covers come in cool designs that are appealing to all kinds of surfers. And some covers provide additional protection more than just looks, such as extra padding at the tips and so on.

If you are not a regular surfer, a surfboard cover is a must as it allows you to store it safely until your next surfing session. If you stay far from the beach, it will help you transport your board easily and safely without any risks.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen is a must when visiting the beach. As much as a tan will look good on you, sunscreen will protect you from unbearable sunburns. Even though you might be in the water, surfing some beautiful waves, the UV rays from the sun can still get you sun burnt.

Keeping a bottle of sun protection can go a long way and allow you to keep coming back to catch the waves. There are plenty of sunscreens available in the market, choosing a high-quality and long-lasting cream that is at least 30 SPF is a must. So make sure you apply them before you hit the water and reapply whenever needed during the day.

Ready to Catch Some Waves?

After purchasing the above-mentioned surfing gear you are now ready to enjoy this adrenaline-filled activity!

Surfing is a great water activity, whether over the weekends or on a vacation. If you are with your whole family on a holiday, here are some tips to make the best summer memories with your close ones.

As a beginner, you must learn to surf with the help of experienced surfers who can guide and coach you into riding some beautiful waves.

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