In this day and age, the human race is going through a difficult time. With last year’s pandemic, entire cities were forced to close their borders. The economy suffered, and a multitude of businesses had to close down.

Running a business is hard enough, and if you have to work under a pandemic as well, your business might not survive. So if you are going to set up a business during this difficult situation, you should optimize every aspect of your business. Here are 7 ways to optimize your business for the new normal.

1. Automate all your Business Transactions

When it comes to running a business in the new normal, it is important that you make all your business transactions as efficient as possible. Before COVID-19, maybe businesses could still afford to use old-fashioned methods such as physical receipts or billings.

However, we are going through unprecedented times, and if you want your business to run without any snags, you should think about automating all your business transactions. By doing so, you will be able to run your business as effectively and efficiently as possible.

2. Hire the Right People

If you want your business to thrive in the new normal, you should hire a small but skilled group of workers. Before the pandemic, some companies could afford to hire a lot of people for specific roles. However, during these difficult times, you will need to have a highly effective workforce. The workforce should also be a lot smaller because you should lessen your expenses and also use efficient software systems to manage your business expenses.

So if you are going to hire employees, they should have a large skillset. For example, if you are going to hire a website designer, he or she should also have content writing and copy-editing skills. Even if they have only basic skills in these specialties, you could still use them to create a great website.

By hiring multi-skilled workers, you won’t have to spend money to fill two job positions. You could increase their salary a bit, but at least you won’t have to pay for two more employees. You won’t have to pay for their insurance or sick leaves. During these times of uncertainty, companies should strive to minimize costs, and being particular about your choice of employees will help you do that.

3. Implement COVID-19 Protocols in your Business Procedures

Remember that we are going through a pandemic, and even though there are vaccines out, it is still dangerously easy to get infected. So whether your business deals in physical products such as food or clothing or you’re offering online services, it should still implement COVID-19 protocols. Remember that one case of COVID-19 in the workplace could have your entire workplace closed for weeks. So it is imperative that your business follow pandemic protocols.

When your employees come to work, they should go through various procedures such as temperature checks and disinfecting their hands before they could get into the office.

You should remember that the virus is spread through infected droplets such as phlegm or spit. So your employees should be made to wear face masks and face shields. Your office could also implement a social distancing rule. Everyone in the office should be at least 6 feet from one another.

Consistent disinfection is yet another COVID-19 protocol that you should follow religiously. By disinfecting the office on a consistent basis, you will be able to lessen the chances of the virus spreading through your office

4. Mechanize Key Aspects of Your Business

If your company produces certain products such as food or electronics, you should really think about mechanizing key aspects of your business. Some companies still utilize human workers, which is a bad idea during the pandemic. Remember that production lines are cramped and chaotic, and if you force people to work under such conditions, then there is a very big chance that infections will spread throughout your workforce. Luckily, there are alternatives to human workers. A great alternative is to mechanize your production lines and other aspects of your business.

Companies such as EVS have been providing robotics solutions to various industries for years now, and they have a wide selection of robots. For example, your company is involved with moving sacks of grain. You will need a powerful robot that could move sacks with incredible speed and precision. EVS bridges the gap by supplying you with various palletizing robot arm options that will help your business meet all your loading needs.

5. Keep a Tight Hold of Your Finances

As we are going through a pandemic, it is very important that you keep a tight hold of your finances. Remember that the market is very unpredictable now, and any change could prove detrimental to your finances. So it is imperative that you have savings, just in case of emergencies

6. Repurpose your product and services for other markets

A key characteristic of any successful business is adaptability. With the onset of the pandemic, the world economy was turned on its head. A myriad of businesses had to close, while other businesses were able to adapt to the situation. These businesses were able to survive because they were able to repurpose their products and services to the new normal. For example, your company started out as a jeans manufacturing company.

However, with the coming of the pandemic, your company’s sales start suffering because people are more concerned with procuring necessary items. If you know how to adapt, you repurpose your company. Instead of manufacturing jeans, you could start making face masks instead. By doing so, your company will still earn money, and you’ll even be able to help in the fight against COVID-19 as well.


The world went through a drastic change last year, and a lot of businesses had to close their doors. So if you want your business to thrive, you will need to optimize every aspect of your business. With these tips, you’ll be able to optimize your business for the new normal.

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