The discovery of the Internet has revolutionized everything that exists today. Be it shopping, medical facilities, banking facilities, travel & tourism or the gaming & entertainment industry. In this pandemic-stricken world, the gaming industry has pocketed a million bucks.

The only advantage here is to play for as many hours as you wish without having to move out from your comfort zone. One such category of gaming is the online casino experience like The popularity of online casinos has ballooned in recent times. Ever since the Internet took over the gambling industry, things have changed for the good. Blackjack is a popular online casino. It revolves around making wise and strategic decisions to progress ahead and pocket in a decent amount.

The aim behind playing Blackjack

The ultimate motive of playing Blackjack is to beat the dealer. A dealer deals the cards to all the players at the table. He is entitled to play the game just like everybody else at the table. However, the dealer has to meet specific guidelines allotted by the rest of the playing members. Those rules will govern him.

Hence, to win a game of Blackjack, each member at the table must beat the dealer. A common misconception among amateur gamblers is that to win a game of Blackjack, you must beat the players at the table.

Why is Blackjack so popular?

Blackjack continues to dominate the online casino market worldwide. It has time and again proven itself to be the hot favorite of gamblers. Although the reasons behind such popularity are many, the three main reasons are:

  1. Blackjack has simple rules.
  2. Blackjack is easy to understand.
  3. One can play it at any level with no complications.

Rules and guidelines of Blackjack

Blackjack is an exciting gamble if you play it with a strategic mind. The vast majority that enjoys Blackjack loves challenges. If you are a beginner, don’t worry. Live Blackjack is just as good and easy as offline Blackjack. Here are the general instructions and rules that govern a game of Live Blackjack.

1. The live Blackjack environment

As soon as you join any live Blackjack table, you can see one or many buttons titled “SIT HERE.’ The number of buttons refers to the number of available seats at the table.

2. Placing bets

The ‘PLACE YOUR BETS’ phrase will appear on your screen once the betting time begins. Chips are displayed, and you can start placing your bets by selecting the chips. These selected chips will reside on the semi-transparent patch by your seat. The space on either side is to place two additional bets.

3. Center table rules

The center table houses some basic rules, including:

  • The Blackjack pays three to two.
  • The dealer must always stand on seventeen and must and should draw to sixteen.
  • The insurance pays two to one.

4. The bet behind feature

Some players miss out on joining the game, and the tables become full. Using the bet behind the feature, one can play even if the tables are occupied. Such players can bet on any hand of their choice but cannot make suggestions on behalf of the chosen hand. The ultimate decision lies in the person that is a part of the playing table. More often than not, it is a feature used by players waiting for their turn.

How to play Blackjack?

Playing a game of Blackjack is extremely easy. Many decks containing 52 playing cards are shuffled. Each player is dealt two cards, both facing up. The dealer is also dealt with two cards, one face down and one face up.

The ultimate aim is to beat your dealer’s hand. You can achieve this in two possible ways-

  • Scoring higher than the dealer.
  • You get busted by the dealer but do not bust him.

Things to remember

  • The highest score you can achieve is 21.
  • The numbers on each card represent themselves. The paint cards are valued as:
    • Ace – 1 and 11
    • Jack – 10
    • King – 10
    • Queen – 10

Terminologies to remember

Hit or stick

Hit refers to asking for another card, while stick refers to keeping the original score. The player must either hit or stick after dealing with his two cards. When opting for a hit, the new card will either boost the current score or bust the player. Most professionals advise against hitting if the score is 18 or more.

Double down

In most online Blackjack games, you can double your current bet. You can do it despite wagering before dealing with the cards. Although players can exercise this option anytime, the usual recommendation is to exercise it if you score 10 or 11 and your dealer shows numbers from 2 to 6.

The dealer plays to 17

Most online Blackjack games witness dealers are hitting at 16. If they score 17 or more, they will most probably stick. Hence, when you think about it carefully, you will understand when to use this to your advantage. If your dealer shows 6, he will most likely be hitting and then busting.

Some Blackjack tips

Blackjack offers a handsome win if you play it correctly. The below mentioned are some tips to get better at Blackjack:

  1. Always bet what you can afford. Set a wagering budget and stick to it.
  2. Familiarize yourself with strategies. The advantage with online casinos is, you can always switch to a new tab and refer to the rules and strategy.
  3. Always bet responsibly. Avoid betting more than half your stack.


Simply put, if you succeed in beating the dealer more than getting yourself busted by him, you win the game. Online Blackjacks have several strategies that one can put into play. But if you are new to the world of gambling and Blackjack, it is best to stick to the basics and understand them first. Lastly, gambling can be tempting. The cards may not show up as you would want them to. That does not imply compromising on your predetermined strategy. Always stick to your plan and remember to gamble responsibly.

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