If anything, video games are thriving despite everything that is happening around us. In 2021, we can expect some good titles on the shelves, some of which are sequels to the games we have so loved. Today, let us take a look at what the year has to offer in terms of game sequels.

New Pokemon Snap

This game is a follow-up to a really old one—the Pokemon Snap that was released way back in 1999. One great thing that all Pokemon fans are anticipating is the presence of more than 200 Pokemon characters. What we love about this release is that it has taken into account new characters in the past while the franchise was growing.

The game is about photography. There is a character called Professor Mirror, and his job is to judge whether or not your photography skills are up to par with his standards. The New Pokemon Snap is coming out on April 30.

Resident Evil Village

Yes, this is also Resident Evil 8, a direct sequel to the last release of the franchise. It is called Village because the place where it all happens is a keystone element in the entire storyline. The developers also promise that this game is going to be bigger than its predecessor.

The game is coming out on May 7th and shall be available on multiple platforms. You can buy copies for PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC, and many more.

Make no mistake: this is still a horror survival game where you fight the danger that lurks around you. The game is set a few years after the events of RE7, and you will take the role of Ethan Winters. The story takes you and your wife, Mia, living peacefully in a serene place, only to witness a new tragedy. Here, your daughter is kidnapped, and you have to go through hell to get her back.

No More Heroes III

The third sequel in the franchise, one will remember that No More Heroes debuted in 2008 on the Wii platform. It is a hack and slash game that had a cult following, giving birth to a second run and now a third one. This third release will be available on August 27.

Despite its title, it is still actually a hero game. You will take on the role of Travis Touchdown, and your job is to make it to the top of the rankings of galactic heroes. You also need to stop an evil prince from taking over Earth. One new thing you can expect is the introduction of the Death Glove. It allows you to activate a variety of skills that were not available in the previous games.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

It has been five years since we last saw Lego getting involved with the Star Wars franchise. At that time, Lego released The Force Awakens. This time, Lego will release a game for all nine films!

There is no final release to the game yet, but we are expecting that it will be no later than the second quarter of the year. Despite the delay, we are sure that the game has something big in store for us. Based on the Star Wars website, the Skywalker Saga will allow players to play through all the nine Star Wars films. So, apart from reliving the story, you will become part of the story where you are in control.

Far Cry 6

No one knows when this game will be released, but it is guaranteed that it will come out in 2021. The game is set in the region of Yara, a fictional place that is heavily based on Cuba. Here, your duty is to restore the region back to its former glory. It has a modern-day guerilla theme, and your mission is to take down the dictator and his son. This is the only way to bring back democracy to your nation.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum

The last two games of this franchise were a hit, so it makes sense to release a new one. However, this sequel will not be an action RPG. Instead, you will take on the role of Gollum, and it is rather a stealth game. The target release date is 2021, but we are now hearing rumours that it may get delayed in 2022—hopefully not.

God of War: Ragnarok

One of the best things that happened in video games, God of War is coming back in 2021, but only on PS4 and PS5. Little is known about this game, and some even claim that this sequel is not yet even titled. In the last instalment, we saw that the game was focused on Norse mythology. It was foretold that the leading character, Kratos, will bring about the destruction of the gods—Ragnarok. This is probably where the new title came from—at least from what fans know.

There are so many games that will come out this year—thanks to the hard work of the game developers despite the events of recent years. No matter what type of games you want, there is something in store for you this year. While waiting, you can watch sports and esports games to get entertained. There are many esports sites out there like GG Bet where you can watch games for free. You can also bet real cash if you want to make your gaming experience more exciting.

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