Nowadays you can find a lot of guides and articles that tell you how to promote on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. But besides these, there is an older and rather established platform – Facebook. It remains one of the most crowded platforms for the audience in the UK, USA, and European countries, given the average statistics on post likes – hence, we can see the point to buy Facebook likes along with other social media stats. But as on all other networks, to reach success you need to think through your promotion strategy so it is effective with or without paid services.

Advertising On Facebook

Many people think that Facebook has fewer options and opportunities than other social media, but you should remember that Facebook is the mother company that got Instagram and altered its Ads algorithms, making Instagram more comfortable and friendly for business promotion. Thus, we can conclude that businesses can elevate their performance with the help of Facebook as effectively as they could on Instagram.

Reasons To Advertize On Facebook

The main reasons to advertize on Facebook are:

  • Building brand awareness and recognition. Facebook provides options for good visual support – you can promote videos and images to enhance your results.
  • Smart pricing. Thanks to specific options of targeting on Facebook, you can spend money effectively and save your budget. Facebook, by the way, offers the lowest price for a click.
  • Variety. Facebook has many advertising features to use for different purposes. This fact improves your performance on every level.
  • Social listening and collecting feedback. Having a total of more than 2 billion users online, Facebook becomes a great place for exploring the behavior and interests of your target audience, with further expansion and growth of your brand, as well as research the competition to find a free spot for your advertizing.

How To Advertize Good On Facebook

Create A Business Account

On Facebook, if you open a business account, you can use helping features and expanded advertizing. Go to the Meta site and create a Business Suite account, where you should enter your brand name, email, and your name. After getting a confirmation, you will proceed to the Meta interface for this option.

Remember that for advertizing on Facebook you need to have a page on this network, so create one or connect your business suite to the existing page. It is highly recommended to have a page on Facebook beforehand so the process is more comfortable.

Note: In your Business settings you will find Ad Accounts, where you can set it up. Go through all the options that are provided here and make sure you have full control over your advertizing.

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Start Your Campaign

On Facebook, you can set up your campaign quickly with the help of an ads manager. Primarily, it will offer you to choose the objective for your future campaign, and that’s where you must think before you do. Facebook provides three types of objectives:

  • Consideration (Traffic, Engagement, Instals, Video views, Lead generation, Messages)
  • Awareness (Reach, Brand awareness)
  • Conversion ( Conversion, Catalog Sales, Store Traffic)

This list makes it obvious that Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach the audience on the different stages, making your promotion complete. It is recommended to create multiple campaigns to attract more users to your profile and increase brand visibility on social media.


Along with running a successful Ads campaign for money, you must invest your time and devotion to social networking with your potential customers. This seems like a note from the book “Social Media for Dummies”, but the truth is that many brands don’t think this is important. Although comments on Facebook are known as a source of endless cringe and memetic stuff, some constructivism can help you to establish good and trustworthy relations with your potential and actual clientele.

Host A Contest

Contests and lotteries are excellent methods to elevate your brand awareness on any social platform. Using material motivation may seem like a bald move, but it always works, if the prize is worth the attention. Besides, a contest is a good opportunity for you to make a presentation of your product, describing its benefits and uses, while getting more exposure. The key is to offer a simple yet engaging game for involving many people and encouraging them to explore your brand.

Use Facebook For Customer Service

This social platform offers the option of leaving a review for brands and places, so you should use that as a benefit. Make your profile accessible and open for communication. Sometimes, you should be literally asking for it, because the more feedback you collect, the better your business becomes.

On social media, people tend to share more personalized views on many things, and they feel free to address companies and managers of brands for things they consider important. This is what you must cherish and encourage, as well as give back the same level of communication. Having your customer service represented on Facebook provides you the chance to make your brand look professional and client-oriented.

Provide Relevant Content

Nowadays the internet is overflowing with different offers and sales, so users look up to find something valuable besides the items. People understand that there is no problem with buying anything, so they concentrate on finding a brand that corresponds to their interests and beliefs. Hence, along with the content that actually sells, you should also post something valuable for users, like industry news, life hacks or so. And you must expose your brand values as well, to find like-minded people who would eagerly support your brand, as they have similar visions for things.

Another point is visuals. As with any other social platform, Facebook operates with images and videos to get more engagement and make users stay longer on the platform. Yet again, a huge variety of materials makes users demanding and scrupulous when it comes to branded media. Your task is to create an authentic image that will make you stand out among other brands of your niche and also expose your product at its best, providing key information about it at the same time.


To many people, Facebook seems like a dead platform, but this is not true at all. Although the average age of the audience is different than on Instagram or Tik Tok, this network provides many possibilities for brands to address this audience and make good sales. Facebook can be your channel for connecting with the target audience and finding insights for improving your performance overall. And expanded assistance in advertising will support your budget and productivity. and customer-oriented, which is good for your public image and relations with the clients.

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