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Online pokies have become more lucrative in the sense that Australian gamblers find it interesting and are much more enthusiastic about playing with real money. The creation of online slot games reveals the power of the internet. And as a result, Aussie players are starting to feel the vibe of playing in the comfort of their homes. They belong to the group that is up-to-date with the new online slots enhanced by the top-performing software developers.

So, one should consider the newest releases from time to time. These may concern new releases of casino games, upgrades on in-game features, payouts, and reviews of existing pokies. There are games that are continuously being compared or evaluated from time to time. And once the player is confident with the gameplay, that would be the moment to play with real money.

Bear Money is a video slot created by Inspired Gaming, with a theme of outdoor activity for a BBQ day. This game provides an interactive gaming experience because of its thrilling features, particularly on the merits of the bonus games. It has 5 reels with 10 paylines. However, even though the paylines are limited, the RTP of this real money slot is still within the standard, which is 96.5%, and it holds medium volatility. Given this initial overview, let us break down the features to understand further how to get a big win from Bear Money slots.

Normal Symbols

Knowing the value of each icon is recommended so that you can forecast how many wins you will get per spin or per interval, if applicable. One thing is for sure, all the symbols on the reels are categorized from low, medium, to high-paying ones. But for the normal symbols like A, 1, 9, J, Q, and K, these usually give low wins. With the alphabet symbols, you can win higher that ranges from 30 to 600 coins.

Wild Symbol

The main character is always known to be the wild symbol. In Bear Money, it is obvious that the bear holds a big win. Just like other online pokies, this wild symbol substitutes the normal ones into high-paying symbols.

Scatter Symbol

With the scatter symbol, the game becomes more stimulating. Here, the scatter is the beehive which is the key to activate the bonus feature of the game and also becomes a multiplier.

Free Spins

A slot game is not complete if free spins are not present. This feature is a great help because every time you spin the reel, there will be no deductions on your balance. But, to activate these, you need to unlock the multi-cash collector feature. Or, you can have free spins by collecting the scatter symbols. Additional 5 free spins are given if the bear and the picnic baskets are not present on an empty reel. This only means that the bear and the picnic baskets become active and are likely to fill all the reels.

Bonus Games

This feature only happens when special symbols landed. It either takes you to another level of gameplay while rewarding you generously. The bear is considered the wild symbol. As it replaces normal symbols, bonus games are triggered, making your winnings more progressive. There is also the honey feature as a bonus game. When 3 scatter symbols appeared, the honey feature will take place. In here, the bear should make its way up to the trees that are in need of honey. The more honey, the more awards to receive.


After knowing the significant figures on the reels, it is also relevant that a gambler should pay attention to the buttons. These buttons refer to the spin, auto spin, bet size, balance, and total win.

What Are the Chances to Win Bear Money Pokie?

It is not enough to play an online slot based on just the theme and instincts. It’s because a slot is made with various gameplays requiring a wise judgement from the gambler’s end. What are the odds that you can win a single spin or five succeeding free spins? There are different ways to win a slot game for Aussie players. So, here are some tips to follow in order for you to generate your own betting strategy.

  1. Take a look at how much the bet amount will return once you hit the paytable. This must be based on the RTP of Bear Money. Aside from this, you should also consider the level of volatility. Since this slot game has a medium variance, it would be critical to bet low or make the max bet. However, it all depends on you and how long you want to play.
  2. Bet size or bet amount must be wisely placed. Because if you are already into playing for real money, it is necessary to apply some gambling strategies. If you want to get higher payouts, be ready to wager at a maximum bet or at a higher amount.
  3. Another simple tip to win Bear Money is for Australian players to try the demo version of the slot game first. Here you can go all out, but you cannot convert the won payouts into real money. The free Bear Money slots are accessible, so there is no problem with that.
  4. Make your own background research on the casino that you are going to play with. In terms of the license, online gambling is prohibited in Australia, but there are regulators that certify chosen casinos like Gibraltar, Malta, and other agencies.

Final Thoughts

There is a huge chance to win Bear Money pokie as long as the player is a responsible gamer. This slot is conventional, which means it is easier to understand. What should matter is the budgeting and application of tips on playing the real money gamer. Apart from the above-mentioned tips, give it a try on free slot games first. Measure your discretion and do not waste your time.

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