Seaguar Blue Label 50 Yards Fluorocarbon Leader

1. Great price fast shipping for this high-quality Fluorocarbon leader spool. I snell my own 2 to 3-foot circle hook leaders for surf fishing. This is a tough invisible line. I recently caught a 35lb Atlantic Ray and a Sand Tiger Shark without a nick on the line.

2. Seaguar produces a good product; the leader is virtually invisible, and it’s strong. The fish will hit your bait, and you don’t have to worry about them getting off as you reel them in.

3. Use this for steelhead fishing leaders. I’ve found it to be highly abrasion resistant, and sometimes stronger than the higher-rated mono mainline I use. Good stuff. Like any fluorocarbon, make sure to lube the knots while cinching them down to avoid burning the line.

4. Seaguar has proven its worth when it comes to fishing, Strong, and can hold up to the fight with large in-shore predators. Take note though, like any other leader, don’t make the mistake of putting too much trust in any fluorocarbon leader, even Seaguar; I used it for 2-days catching aggressive fighting inshore and lost one right at the shoreline. The Seaguar can only take so much abuse. Now I know to retie a new line sooner rather than later. I do get more strikes with Seaguar fluoro than other fluoro’s I’ve used.

KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line – 100% Pure Fluorocarbon

1. This is a great fluorocarbon line!! Wow! I lucked up and came across this while shopping for a braided line. This line is new, but don’t let that keep you from trying it out, especially since it’s half the price of other major name brand lines (i.e., Seaguar). An insane deal! I’m surprised that KastKing is even selling this much line for dirt cheap!!! I mainly bought this to use as a leader line, yes I know the leader line and mainline are entirely different, but boy does this work very well. It doesn’t compare to the leader line because it is meant for the mainline. It does the job I need it to though!

I have been using this as a leader line for flounder fishing. There has not been a single flounder that was able to pop the line even after fishing the entire day pulling up flounder after flounder. That is impressive! I’ve used Seaguar fluorocarbon, and after about four solid flounder bites, I have to retie my leader, or else the next one will break the line (judging from the abrasions).

I definitely will continue to use this line indefinitely and exclusively when I need fluorocarbon. Now to order a smaller test line and using it as the mainline. Oh, and I forgot to mention that there is very little memory in the line. I can pull on it to cinch down my Palomar knot and no memory, which is amazing! I can’t say the same about the other brands I’ve used. A keeper!

2. I bought this line when it first came out because of the reviews. I own a lot of fishing rods & reels with a different line on them. I actually forgot about this line until this spring. I had a few different rods set up for casting with the same baits ( in different colors ) and noticed I got a lot more distance in my casts from one. Since I own so many rod & reels, I label them with what kind of line I’m using and when it was put on. This line outcasts all my other reels by far. Can’t say a bad thing about this line.

3. Recently while fishing for Stripers near Cuttyhunk, a large bull Grey Seal tried to snatch a 15 lb Bass next to the boat. We moved & he followed & took the next same sized bass, & my Kast King FlourKote held on for 10 mins with three long runs till I finally had to cut the line. It’s superior: pliable, strong for its diameter, holds up to abrasion, transparent & is reasonably priced.

4. I started using the braided line about a year ago, and only recently have I added a fluorocarbon leader line. It has worked great. The fluorocarbon is not as robust as the braided line, yet it is nearly invisible to the fish. If you monitor the fluorocarbon line periodically and change it our when is shows signs of wear, you won’t have any bad experiences of losing a big one. I like this line!

P-Line Floroclear Filler Spool (300-Yard, 20-Pound)

1. I have used Mono for years and thought about trying this line out. Very soft with low memory and easy to cast with either a spinning or baitcasting reel. This line sinks better than mono, so it’s great for fishing sinking soft plastics.

2. So thin, so hard to see, so hard to tie a knot. But that’s why I got it, it’s holding up just fine and results in bites when they are being picky. It doesn’t like chaffing at all; be ready to cut your line back a few feet a few times during use if you’re around rocks like I am, but for increased bite activity, that’s a good trade-off in my book.

3. Always been a P-Line fan upon my first try using P-Line. High strength, small diameter, and nice long and accurate casts. I use P-Line for all my reels, and I haven’t used anything else since except for when I just need a cheaper line. Never lost a fish due to the line with P-Line. In my opinion, this line performs better than its 100% fluorocarbon.

4. I am a huge fan of this Pline Floriclear. I have used it for spinner fishing ice fishing and even used it for the leader on my flyrod. I’ve used this line from 3lbs to 10lbs and everything in between. The breaking point of this line at any size is very good. Visibility is good and has low memory. Basically, this is my go-to line. I’m always trying new lines but I will keep the Floroclear close by.

5. It is the first time I use this kind of line, but he has responded very well, as indicated by many is very strong, has almost no memory, does not absorb water, and has very good performance for the price, quality, and durability could recommend widely. and not had any problems with snapper, grouper, and other fish of 15 kg. both in open water and surfcasting.

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