When they said no matter how far you go, you always wish to come back home, they specifically meant bedrooms. Our bedroom is our sanctuary. It’s a place we wish to go back to – even if it’s after an exhausting day at work or a fun-filled vacation.

That’s why your bedroom deserves only the best. You can add freshness to it by working on your bedroom design. This doesn’t only mean getting the floor broken, or making a mess of it, there are simple ways of redesigning and working on your bedroom design.

Today, we will be listing the budget-friendly and high-end ways of transforming your bedroom design.

1. Decide the Feel of your Bedroom

The first and foremost step is to decide the feel of your bedroom. How do you want your bedroom design to be? How do you want it to feel? There are an array of alternatives to choose from. For instance, if you are a college student who wishes to give their bedroom design a dorm room feel, you have to work on it accordingly.

At the same time, if you want something elegant, subtle, and minimalist, you can go for a Scandinavian bedroom design.

Therefore, the first step is to comprehend what you want. Decide accordingly.

2. Consider Changing your Window Design

A change in your window design can do wonders to the overall look of your bedroom design. It can add style, and elegance, and bring the much-admired freshness to your bedroom. There are an array of alternatives you can choose from.

For instance, single aluminum windowpanes are quite a trend these days. They add style and elegance to the master bedroom design. They are a go-to choice if you wish to give your bedroom a minimal look.

If white aluminum window panes are not your preferred choice, you can go for Italian windows. They do not only look aesthetic but give a café vibe to your bedroom design.

3. Add a Mirror to your Bedroom

If you are sick and tired of a compact bedroom but upscaling is not on the cards anytime soon, then a mirror can be a godsend for your bedroom design. All thanks to their reflective power, they can make any room bigger. The cherry on the cake is that their addition also makes your HDB master bedroom design look much more elegant than ever.

There are a lot of ways you can add a mirror to your bedroom. You can add a large mirror on the back wall, or corner, or add it to your almirah.

In addition to that, there are lots of shapes you can choose from. You can go for a long floor-length mirror or choose a circular mirror.

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4. Create a Gallery Wall

If you are someone who wants to reflect their personality in their bedroom design, then creating a gallery wall is one of the interesting ways to do that. Gallery walls are quite a trend these days in the home décor world.

The first step is to decide the layout of the gallery wall. You can go for frames of different sizes; it’s not necessary that you choose all the frames of one size. You can pick random sizes and arrange them accordingly.

If you are conflicted, you can find inspiration from Pinterest, home décor magazines, or Livspace interior ideas magazine as well. Livspace has an extensive collection of ideas that we get you would fall in love with.

The latter steps include finding a theme for your gallery wall. You can pick a family picture theme, monochrome theme, or motivational poster, whichever suits your personality and your wishes.

5. Experiment with Wallpapers

Wallpapers can never go out of style. They have been trending for decades as they bring grace and elegance to any bedroom design. You can experiment with wallpapers to create an aesthetic look in your bedroom design.

There are an array of alternatives to choose from. For instance, you can add textured wallpapers to add depth and warmth to your walls. You can also choose floral wallpapers to add vibrancy to your room.

However, if you are considering adding wallpapers, choose according to your bedroom design. The last thing you would want to do is to make your bedroom design look more compact and heavier by adding wallpapers on all four walls.

It’s recommended that you consider adding wallpaper only to the main wall. Adding wallpaper on all four walls would not be a wise call as it can make your bedroom design tacky.

6. Consider Changing Furniture

It’s a no-brainer that furniture is an essential contributor to the aesthetics of a bedroom design. Ergo, if you wish to give a refreshing look to your bedroom, consider changing the furniture.

This doesn’t mean adding a new piece of furniture even when you know there isn’t any space. You can replace furniture pieces to complement the theme of your bedroom or master bedroom design.

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