With the high increase in technology and the internet, most investors are more likely to buy or sell their shares online rather than offline. Because in the offline method, the investors have to pay a high commission to trade advisors. But before starting to sell or buy the shares in the stock market, it is necessary to understand the share trading orders. In this article, we will inform you about the trading orders and their types. Also, we will tell you about the stop-loss order. So read the complete article if you want to get the related information.

Trading orders in stock and its types

Different orders are used for trading stock in today’s world, and these orders are differentiated in their investing style. Three different types of trading orders exist in the stock. Let us tell you about each type of trading order.

Market order

It is a type of order that buys or sells the shares at a limited range of the market until the order is complete.

Limit Order

A limit order is a trading order that determines a certain price at which the order must be complete, but there is no guarantee that all the orders in the limit order are set too high or too low.

Stop Order

A stop order is a type of trading order triggered when the stock moves above or below the average level. Stop orders are usually used to ensure the way against the largest losses or profits locks.

What do you mean by the stop-loss order?

stop loss in the stock market is the order placed with the broker to invest in shares( buying or selling) and reach a specific price. A stop-loss order places the limit to save the investor from heavy loss. It means the stop-loss order is to attain the security position for the investor. Stop-loss orders limit the price at which the investor invest their share and execute it.

What are the benefits of a stop-loss order?

  • One of the principal benefits of the stop-loss order is that it costs nothing while implementing or executing the shares.
  • You have to pay the regular commission only when the stop-loss order price reaches the stage where the share is sold.
  • You do not have to monitor the execution of stock daily when using stop-loss orders.
  • Stop-loss orders are also beneficial for investors because it helps in decision-making under emotional influences.
  • Stop-loss orders are used to delay the cause of losing a heavy amount.


In this article, we informed you about the various types of stock trading orders in which we also discussed with you one of the additional types named a stop-loss order. The stop-loss order acts as a simple tool that offers many benefits. It helps investors to prevent losses. This order acts as an insurance policy.

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