Casino operators use RTP or Return to Players for describing the total percentage of money wagered on a given slot or any other game that would pay the players back over a time period. This can affect your game choices in several ways. Keep reading the article to know in detail.

Before we start with RTP calculations, it is essential to know what is return to player in slots.

In simple words, it is the amount of money that casino slot machines payback to the players. The calculation is shown in percentage format, and it is calculated from the gameplay over a considerable period. It can be considered as the opposite of calculating house edge, which is the mathematical advantage of any game for a given casino.

Casinos work on long-term strategies, which means they return around 95-97 percent of the money gabled through it. Occasionally, lucky customers might get a 50x fold profit in their RTP.

Calculating the RTP

Calculating the RTP of the game is fairly easy, as the formula is quite straightforward. It is the total amount of money returned to the players divided by the total amount of money that the players gambled. We are talking about the calculations in the physical casinos, but RTP for the virtual casinos might be a bit different and misleading, as there is no indication of how often one can expect a win.

Generally, the RTP of the casinos are as follows:

  • Online Slots – 93-99 percent
  • European Roulette – 97.3 percent
  • American Roulette – 94.7 percent

It is a bit difficult to calculate the RTP for other casino games, as it mostly depends on the strategy that the players formulate. For example, players can place a lot of bets on Craps but one would need skills to Blackjack. If you have a refined strategy, your RTP can be as high as 99 percent. But as your strategic moves degrade, the RTP percentage also goes down exponentially.

Slot machine payout percentage

The concept of RTP is mostly relevant to online slots as you can gamble quicker here compared to other casino games. The higher the RTP of a slot, the more play you would get for your money. There are two types of slots:

  • Low variance- There is a little chance of losing your money and they typically pay small prizes more frequently.
  • High variance- They tend to pay less frequently, but when they do, the amounts are really high.

Applying RTP to games

Casino games are complicated and thus multifaceted algorithms and associated testing are important for confirming whether the promoted RTP is correct. If you are playing in an online casino, you would need to go through verifications, certifications, and they should be tested regularly to receive a license from the authorized gaming commissions which protect the interest of the customers.

Understanding RTP and applying it to games like Online Roulette is an easy task. You would have to know the details and you would be able to do the calculation with pen and paper- it is as simple as that.

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