The midseason premiere of Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 aired on 23rd January and a lot of interesting things happened. It was a crossover with Station 19 but looked more like an extended installment of Grey’s Anatomy only with some special appearances from the Station 19 folks. With an hour-long episode, you can enjoy Grey’s Anatomy great humor this time.

Here is the complete written update of “Help Me Through the Night”, and “A Hard Pill to Swallow” spoilers.   

Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 Episode 10- Help Me Through the Night

Episode 10 titled “Help Me Through the Night” began at Jolex’s where Meredith comes to inform Alex about his replacement. But here they find Link and Jo preoccupied with a baby that Jo insists she hasn’t stolen. It’s just that she hasn’t brought it to the Grey Sloan till now. And so when they receive texts regarding the multiple traumas they head to the Hospital, including Jo. Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to work as she had two glasses of wine, she plans to slip the baby into the nursery.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 Episode 10- Hunt Proposes Teddy

Later in the episode, Levi awakens to see Nico at his bedside. He sweetly confesses about her heartbreak to Levi. The two cuddle in Levi’s hospital bed, and then the two go to see Taryn. The latter forgives Levi for getting Mer in the problem.

The residents have a good laugh as they talk about the confession made by Helm to Grey. But Grey hasn’t responded till now. Apart from all this, Teddy is pulled by Hunt into a room and proposes. He says- “There’s no perfect moment” to do this and I am not a perfect man, but the one thing I know for sure is you’re the perfect woman for me.” Teddy first hesitated that he is doing so in obligation, but when he assures her about his new pattern of loving her and her family, she says yes.

Grey’s Anatomy Episode 11 Spoilers

The mid-season premiere might have missed out on a few stories and so the upcoming episode titled “A Hard Pill to Swallow” will be continuing these stories. The episode will be giving some deserved footage to Maggie as a lot of stuff is going on with her. She hasn’t got over with what happened to her cousin and is reeling the same feeling completely responsible for it.  It’s very hard for her to move on, but will she be able to do it?

Grey’s Anatomy Episode 11- “A Hard Pill to Swallow”

The upcoming episode will also be dealing with the return of Bailey to work after her miscarriage. She was devastated after this event and had taken some time off for getting back to the normal routine. On the other hand, Meredith will be pondering about her future and love life while Amelia will be thinking about her love connection with Link. But at the same time, she is aware of the fact that she can only be with him after she is sure that the baby belongs to him, instead of Owen.

Wrapping Up

Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 Episode 12 will be airing on Thursday, 30th January on ABC. And stay tuned for more updates.


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