Cricket remains one of the most popular sports globally. The growth of the T20 League has made it more interesting than ever, especially in the three countries most affected: England, India, and Australia. The following online betting guide for new players explains everything you need to know about cricket betting.

What are cricket bets, and what are the different types of bets?

Betting on cricket is no different than betting on other sports. The bettor can place a bet on the outcome of the match and other markets related to the game, using the odds provided by the bookmaker.

Match results

Choose which team to bet on. You can rely on your intuition, reports on the state of form, or the conditions of play. It is pretty simple and has a similar format to other sports.

Best Hitter

Once again, it’s very simple: you have to choose the hitter who will run the most runs during a specific inning or the whole game, and there are three markets available: the best hitter of the game, the best hitter from Team A, and Team B.

Best pitcher

The same goes for the best pitcher: you need to choose the pitcher who will take the most wickets, and here too there are three markets available, namely the best pitcher of the match, the best pitcher of Team A, and the best pitcher of Team B.

These are the main types of bets that can be placed before the match starts and are the markets mainly chosen by bettors. However, there are other markets available.

Methods of eliminating batters 

Bettors can bet on the primary method of eliminating batters during a match. Odds will be available for different options, i.e., if the batter’s pitch hits his wicket; if the ball thrown by the batter is caught on the fly; if the ball hits a part of the batter’s body instead of the bat, thus preventing the ball from hitting the wicket, if the ball hits the wicket while one of the two batters attempts a run and is outside the crease (run out); if during the pitch the batsman leaves his batting line missing the ball and the wicket-keeper hits the wicket with the ball or any other method.


In this case, you can bet by betting on an entire inning or a specific time interval during the game. For example, in a test match, the bettor can bet on how many runs will be scored by the first couple on the field and so on for all ten wickets.

However, you can also bet on how many races will be scored during a given session. In the shorter formats of cricket matches, the most popular racing markets include races that can be achieved during ball possession and with court restrictions during the first overs of the match.


They work in the same way as a scored race: when will the first wicket fall, or how many wickets will fall in a given amount of time?

Best in the field

As in any other sporting event, there is a market for the man of the match. Choose the player you believe will be the best on the field based on the odds available.

Betting strategy for the three formats

We will now give you an overview of the game formats, as they have significant differences in style and the players who compete.

Test Match Betting Strategy

This is the oldest and most crucial format of cricket. It is a real quality test that lasts five days. The best players in the world are established, and a cricket fan should recognize by eye the men who will dominate the competition’s matches.

In test matches, conditions seem to have become more critical as away teams struggle to win. England is very strong at home but has not won an away match since beating Bangladesh in 2016, which is reflected in their odds. For test matches, more than for other formats, conditions are crucial in deciding the fate of the betting markets.

What you need to know about the ODI

The pitchers are in the same boat. The first on the pitch will have a better chance of being among the first in the wicket column.

Time is more critical to the battering market, however, as pitchers playing in the final innings will have more opportunities to collect wickets. In contrast, the battering team will seek to increase the score as much as possible.

In the ODI, there are various factors to consider: the size of the field can also play a decisive role, and the difference between four and six can prove substantial.

The unpredictable nature of the T20

This game format is the most difficult to predict as anything can happen. A toss can decide the game, thus making it impossible to decipher.  In this game format, the number of beats is more important than the other averages, making it the opposite of the other two forms.

Therefore, this format favors players who manage to throw the ball home more often, which is why Buttler gets paid well in the IPL.

Bowling works the same way: getting opponents to score as few runs as possible takes precedence over hitting wickets. Typically, this leads to success in the wicket column. Although Jasprit Bumrah and Lasith Malinga have still managed to have phenomenal careers in the shorter formats, they have not been as good as a pitcher like Anderson.

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