Most of you might have been using the Amazon FireStick which is basically a small device rather a flash drive. You need to plug Firestick Remote into a TVs HDMI port. It enables any TV screen to stream content over Wi-Fi such as sites like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, HBO, and many more in the line. Using remote control you can switch between buttons or voice commands and with its latest versions, it even supports Alexa Virtual Assistant. Because of this ease to access Amazon’s Fire Stick has become much popular. But there are chances that FireStick Remote Not Working issues also occur. Amazon FireStick remote not responding is a technical error that many users are complaining about.

Well, if you are one of them who is frustrated by Firestick Remote Not Working error then you do not have to lose hope.

If your remote is not working at all, or if firestick remote voice stops working, this article is for you. Here I am sharing different methods on How to Fix Amazon Fire tv remote not working issues.

Fix Firestick Remote Not Working Problem

If you have run troubles with your Amazon FireStick remote not working, then read it here and you will know how to fix it.

Method 1- Change the Batteries

Let us begin with one of the simplest fixes. In case your “Fire TV remote suddenly got disconnected” then one of the common cause are the batteries of the remote. Fire TV remote usually tends to be operating with the pair of brand new batteries. It may happen that those same batteries work fine with other devices. Therefore it is recommended that only fully charged new batteries can be used for this power-starved remote.

Also, make sure that you use the authenticated AA batteries with the FireStick TV remote. This is because firstly cheap batteries are incompatible and secondly they tend to leak chalk residue on the terminals of the remote making the barrier between two.

Method 2- Pair and Re-Pair the FireStick Remote Correctly

Usually, FireStick remote is pre-paired with the device. In case it is not paired, then you will have to do it correctly. Or sometimes some networking issue with the Fire TV stick may also be one of the reason for FireStick Remote now working correctly.

Pairing is very simple and can be done through the following steps.

Step 1- Plugin FireStick into the HDMI port of your TV.

Step 2- Power on both FireStick and your TV.

Step 3- When FireStick boots up, hold down the ‘Home’ button on the remote for at least 10 seconds.

Following this, you have successfully paired the Amazon FireStick remote and it will start working.

If it doesn’t pair, press and hold the home button again for 10-20 seconds.

Re-Pair the FireStick TV Remote

Step 1- On the Fire TV menu, go to “Settings.”

Step 2- Go to the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices”.

Step 3- Now under the “Amazon Fire TV remotes” select “Add new Remote”.

Step 4- Tap and hold the home button of your Fire TV remote for 10-15 seconds.

The pairing mode of the remote will get initiated and will get auto-paired with the Fire TV stick.

Method 3- Power Cycle the Device or Restart It

Power cycling your Device is also one of the ways that will help you with the Fire TV remote not connecting. The reason behind this is that most of the users keep their Fire Stick plugged ON for most of the time. And thus Power cycling the Fire Stick will refresh the device leading to better connectivity.

You can do this by following steps-

Step 1- Plug out the power source from the Fire Stick.

Step 2- Wait for 5-15 seconds.

Step 3- Connect the power source back to the Fire Stick.

Step 4- Now press and hold the “Home” button of the Fire TV remote to pair the remote with the Fire Stick.

Also, you can restart the device by going to the Fire TV menu. And then performs the steps as-

Settings > Device > Restart.

Once it gets restarted, try repairing your remote by holding down the Play/Pause button.

Method 4- Reset the Remote

If you are having Amazon Fire Stick Remote not responding issues then resetting the remote itself is also a great solution.

All you have to do is-

Hold down the Menu, Left and Back buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.

This will reset the remote and will return it to factory settings. Normally, the remote will re-pair with your Fire Stick automatically. In case it does not happens then you can try connecting it gain using Bluetooth.

Method 5- Outdated Software

Outdated Software of the FireStick TV Remote can also be the cause of this error. So you should keep your Fire stick’s software updated.

For that, you need to check and update the software of your Fire TV stick using the following steps.

Step 1- Go to the Fire TV menu.

Step 2- Tap the “Device” under the “Settings”.

Step 3- In the “About” section, select the software version.

Step 4- You will see here the current version of your Fire Stick’s software. If there is an update available then it will automatically start downloading.

Step 5- Once the update is downloaded, restart your device to install the update.

This should fix your Amazon Fire TV Remote.

Method 6- Use the Fire TV remote app

If nothing works then the best and last option is to install a Fire TV remote app. With this incredible app, you can manage your Fire TV stick using a virtual remote on your phone. You can consider it as a digital remote that can perform entire functions of the Fire TV remote.

The Fire TV remote app is of great help in case if you accidentally lost your remote or the physical remote becomes un-functional. All you have to do is use either the Android or iOS app on your smartphone as a remote for your Amazon FireStick.

To download this app go to the Amazon Appstore, Apple Store or Google Play Store. Look for the app and once it gets downloaded on your mobile, follow these steps to pair your phone to your Fire Stick:

Step 1- Connect your phone to Wi-Fi with the same network as your Fire Stick.

Step 2- Open the Fire TV Remote App.

Step 3- Select the device that you want to pair with.

Step 4- A code will appear on your TV screen. Enter this into your app when prompted to pair the devices.

This should surely fix fire tv remote.

Wrapping Up!

We hope that these simple tips and tricks mentioned here will help you in solving Amazon Firestick Remote not working issue. If you have any further query feel free to ask.

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