Google Analytics is used worldwide by webmasters to analyze their sites. But do you know that now you can use Google analytics to build a positive user experience for your site? Yes, it is easy to do. You just need to have experience understanding google analytics. But before you go ahead to analyze Google analytics in a way to get a positive user experience, you need to know a lot of things. Things like why Google Analytics is important to know? Why do you need to track these analytics? All these questions are necessary to know when you are building a positive user experience.

Importance of User Experience

The first thing that all webmasters need to know is the importance of user experience. Without a positive user experience, it becomes difficult for the websites to get more traffic. These days search engines are smart enough. They are using artificial intelligence to analyze the sites. So the listings you see on search engine result pages (SERPs) are prepared after analyzing all the factors involved with user experience. To improve your user experience, you can opt for suitable SEO packages.

Search Engines Pay Attention to It

The first most important factor or reason that makes the user experience more important is the search engines. Search engines are serious about the user experience. That is why user experience is becoming very crucial in online marketing. Without user experience, you can’t achieve anything in online marketing.

User Experience Defines Your Rankings

User experience is directly linked with the search engine result page rankings of your sites. The more positive user experience your site provides, the higher the rankings will go. There are various ways that search engines use to track the user experience.

UX Makes Your Site More Visible

Need more visibility for your site? Then start focusing on user experience. Don’t forget to learn about the user interface also. The user interface is also important because it helps you achieve a high user experience with a positive approach.

Metrics That You Need To Consider

Now let’s come to the point. What metrics do you need to consider while creating a positive user experience? We are here using Google Analytics. So we will let you know about the metrics that you need to consider while using Google Analytics. Following metrics are important for you to track.

Website Speed

The most important thing that your users and the search engines will love to have on your site. Is your site loading very fast or too slow? What’s the case? If it is working very fast then you need not worry about anything. But if it is slow then you must take care of it. Try to make your site faster as compared to your competitors.

Ease Of Use

Is your site easy to use for a beginner user or non-tech-savvy person? If it is easy for kids too, then you are on the right track. Here you will find that the sites with ease of use are supposed to grow more as compared to the other sites.

Satisfied Search Intent

Satisfying search intent is what you need to achieve. If you are not trying to satisfy the search intent of your site users, then you are not on the right track. You need more time to work upon this. Publish content that adds value to your user’s life and satisfies their search intent.

Bounce Rate

Don’t let your site get a higher bounce rate. Because it will become difficult for you to get higher rankings with a high bounce rate. When a user comes to your site after clicking the link on a search engine result page. But after getting on your site he/she sees no useful content and clicks the back button, then it increases the bounce rate. Try to avoid such situations.

Time Spent Or Session Time

The time your users have spent on your site is important. It is also known as session duration or session time. These metrics are available on Google analytics. These metrics can also be used to build a positive user experience.

Tips For GA & UX

Now let us give you some useful tips for Google Analytics and User Experience. Both of these things are related and they are important to consider. User experience can be boosted positively with the help of Google Analytics. Try to follow the following tips.

Comply With Google Algorithms

Always stay aligned with the algorithms that Google has set for the user experience, search engine rankings, and all.

Learn More In-Depth About GA

If you want to understand Google Analytics, then you need to know more in-depth about Google Analytics. It will help you understand the metrics in a better way.

Optimize Your Site

You need to optimize your site in a way to get more visibility. To impress search engines and users, regular optimization is important.

Update Content Too

Are you updating content and information that you have published on your site? If not, then you must consider this. You need to update the content because it helps you satisfy the search intent.


Google Analytics helps you a lot in building a positive user experience. No matter if you are tracking traffic, sales, or anything, Google Analytics is always helpful. You need to understand all the metrics. But some metrics are related strongly to the site health, site rankings, and optimization level. If you are good at understanding all these metrics, then it will be helpful for you to build a positive user experience.

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