There’s a lot of value in making a good first impression. This is particularly true when your retail outlet faces stiff competition and needs to consider different ways of increasing footfall. That’s why the design of your storefront is so important. It makes the first impression, which can either add to the charm and credibility of your store or can turn prospective customers away. So, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that your storefront design has the power to make or break your business.

Leading retail stores often use outdoor flags for advertising certain products and ongoing discounts or schemes. This is because flag banners sway in the wind, and the motion is eye-catching. While bright colors flying in the wind can help your advertising message, and store get noticed, the best news is that cheap poster printing can be extremely cost-effective, says an expert at

How to Invite More People into Your Store

Here are a few things to consider when designing your storefront to be attractive:

What to Place:

If your storefront has enough space, consider displaying some products there. Choose a mix of your best-selling products and the latest additions to your range. Popular products are displayed to attract new customers, while the latest products can get repeat customers more excited.

Consider the Demographics:

When designing your storefront, keep the target audience in mind. For instance, baby boomers don’t mind spending time reading and are excited about discounts. So, when targeting this group, use double-sided advertising flags, as these give more space for mentioning product highlights and loyalty program details. Millennials give importance to experiences and your messaging can incorporate this. Gen Z is overly concerned about the environment and society. So, if a part of your profits goes towards charity or your products are ecofriendly, make sure to mention this in your storefront graphics.

How to Decorate:

Use bright colors and cheerful looking items to liven up your storefront. You can change the décor to be seasonal. For instance, in February, your storefront can sport Valentine’s Day look, with heart-shaped balloons and cupid-shaped cutouts. Closer to Christmas, your storefront colors can change to red and green. Snowflake-shaped hangings and little boxes wrapped with colorful paper and bright ribbons can make the décor look more festive.

Communicate with Customers:

Use your storefront to provide important details to customers. For this, you can use double-sided advertising flags. One side may have the store name, logo, and message, while the other side can have important information like your store timings and contact details.

Eliminate Distractions:

Although placing some decorative items can brighten up your storefront, the focus should be on the products and discounts being offered. You can have these printed on outdoor flags, which serve as the best advertising tool. So, clear the clutter and bring the focus back on your merchandising objectives.

Stay in touch with industry trends to design your storefront and talk to experts in flags and banners about different ways of advertising your products.

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