Are you running a successful email campaign? Of course, but do you seldom wonder where the leads vanish? No matter how effective your email marketing campaign is, eventually, your emails will juggle a lot to grab your subscribers’ attention. So, to create revenue-generating email campaigns, you need to learn effective ways to optimize your email marketing campaign.

This article enlists seven actionable tricks you can use to optimize your email marketing campaigns.

Pay special attention while drafting your subject lines.

For an email campaign to be effective, you must start with creating compelling subject lines that instantly grab your recipient’s attention. They are the revenue deciding factors that boost your open and click-through rates. So, if you want your emails to stay in the ‘Primary’ or ‘focused’ tab, you must find ways to create crisp and short subject lines. You must:

  • Create relevant subject lines.
  • Offer personalization in email subject lines.
  • Think out-of-the-box content for headers and subject lines to grab instant attention.

Use the power of rich text.

To arouse a sense of excitement in your readers and subscribers and gain maximum insights from your email campaigns, use rich text. It is beneficial nowadays. If you write emails with blocky paragraphs and the same style, your readers will never care to open them.

You might lose a bunch of subscribers too. Instead, if you use various font styles – bold, italics, and underlining, it will help you emphasize your content, especially when promoting a particular discount or product. You might need the managed email marketing services and a bunch of intelligent strategies that leverage rich text.

Write conversationally.

To grab attention and gain countless leads and prospects, you must consider the readability factor. It is often viewed as supreme by top email marketing services for email marketing campaigns. If you create email content – subject lines, body text, headers, etc. in a pretty formal way, it will lose the readability, and your readers will avoid opening the emails and skip it the next time.

Instead, write conversationally to spark emotions and instantly connect with your subscribers and readers. In a way, it will also help you boost the open and click-through rates of your emails.

Optimize devices.

The tech era has brought a dramatic revolution that mobile devices are omnipresent. Nearly 85% of users today use smartphones to check their messages and emails on the go. So, if you think your subscribers and readers check their regular emails and messages on desktop, then you need to step ahead (a lot!).

Create content that scales across all the target screen sizes and optimize scripts and images for easy and quick loading. You can also create short and crisp emails for easy accessibility and readability, as no one wants to read lengthy emails. Thus, focus on creating responsive email templates that ensure a seamless design for all devices, no matter the screen size.

Stick to strong CTAs.

CTAs or call-to-action is one top thing you must never miss in your email marketing campaigns. They are like a guide to your users to direct them on what action to take next. For instance, if you want your users, subscribers, or readers to check a new sale through your emails or website, direct them to the link straightaway.

Or, if you want them to download your product brochure, provide them with an out-of-the-box CTA text and buttons. You drive them, and they drive you – as simple as that. Also, go beyond your thoughts (and actions) to create eye-catching and OOTB CTAs. Because ‘download here,’ ‘buy now, ‘follow us, and such texts are too obsolete today.

Do not forget to personalize.

To show how vital your users and clients are, you must go by the email marketing trend and offer OOTB personalization. Do not just focus on sending emails with the recipient’s emails – it is so obsolete now. For instance, you can hire email marketing services and leverage their AI-based tools that offer email optimization through your customer data. They capture insights from user data to offer personalization above and beyond to all the customers, such as:

  • previously browsed product
  • purchasing behavior
  • website visits

Test thoroughly.

To fully optimize and ensure that your email marketing strategy is as effective as any other marketing campaign, you need to test everything:

  1. Make sure it is well-aligned with your marketing goals and strategy.
  2. Step into the user’s shoes and gather insights, capture analytics, and generate demographics of what is working, what needs to be optimized, & how you can bring in more creativity.
  3. Dig in more unless your campaign is fully optimized.

You can conduct A/B testing to check what drives more.

  • open rates
  • conversions
  • click-throughs.
  • website traffic and more
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