Hookah accessories can make your hookah session comfortable and a lot more enjoyable. You worry less about managing and enjoy your session more that leads you towards having a relaxing and great time. The right hookah accessories can have a significant impact on your session.

There is a hookah accessory to suit every hookah lovers’ needs. But most of the time, individuals aren’t aware of the right accessory. In addition, they often get confused between the choices. Before you let the impulsive smoker in your get carried away with hookahs for sale, you should first familiarize yourself with the numerous hookah accessories.

If you are someone who has never tried a hookah with accessories, you have come to the right place. This blog post is all about hookah accessories and how they enhance the overall smoking experience!

Hookah Bowl

A quality hookah bowl surely makes a difference. It is one of the chief factors that enable you to enjoy a hookah session. A wide range of bowls are available, and you can opt for one of them as per your preferences. For instance, consider how long you smoke for and which tobacco brand you prefer. According to our research, hookah bowl options that you can choose from are:

  • Phunnel M Gaze bowl is known for its durability. It maintains its quality and appearance for a longer time.
  • Fox barrel bowl is known for its thickened wall, even though it is made up of clay. In addition, it obtains a larger capacity and has a flat bottom.
  • Japona Mummy is a perfect addition to any heating device. In addition, it is perfect for short sessions of around 1-1.5 hours.
  • Ferris bowl obtains an accurate center size, offering great airflow quality. Further, it prevents shisha from flowing down your hookah base.

Hookah Bases

Hookah bases are yet another significant part. Your hookah is incomplete without it. These hookah bases are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. In addition, a wide range of styles is also available, including glass or acrylic.

The hookah bases are used as replacements, alongside making your hookah look a lot cooler and better. Quite a few popular hookah bases are listed below:

  • Khali Mamoon hookah bases are popular and cater to small and large dimensions of hookah. They are handmade and known for offering aesthetic vibes.
  • Pharaoh hookah bases are for people who are all about thick hookah bases along with loud colors. It includes symmetric designs too, which appeal to a lot of individuals.
  • Sahara replacement broke glass offers a wide collection of hookah bases in the marketplace. It offers unique pieces alongside including appealing combinations. These handmade hookah bases compliment your hookah at every session.

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Hookah Hoses

Hookah hoses aren’t a long-time thing, and you might have to replace them now and then for a relaxing session. You can replace your current hookah hose with another that offers a range of benefits. These include washable tubing or removable tips of the mouth.

Hookah Stems

Hookah stems are available in one or more materials. This includes metal, glass, silicone, acrylic, plastic, ceramic, and more. The part is an essential thing for a hookah lover since it connects the base, bowl, tray, and hose.

It is an integral part of the overall setup. It is known as the master connector. Hookah stems are sold individually. Therefore, you can set it up accordingly. Plus, you can customize it too.

Hookah Trays

A hookah tray is placed right under the bowl and stem. It protects your surrounding while you enjoy your sheesha. In addition, the primary function is to protect the ignited coals falling on your foot. It further catches all the coal, avoiding your floor from getting dirty.

You can opt from the following types:

  • Crown tray
  • Hookah coal tray
  • Classic stainless coal tray
  • Electric coal tray
  • Round glass hookah tray

Other than these, a wide variety of trays are available that cater to your needs perfectly. In turn, making your session exciting and fun.

Hookah Tobacco Containers

In order to keep your tobacco flavor fresh and sound for long hours, the container is important. These containers offer a tight seal and keep the flavor fresh. If you use a reliable container, your flavor will never get rot.

Opt for a container that is dishwasher safe, and reusable. Keep the flavor fresh for a longer hour in tightly sealed containers.

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Hookah Wind Covers

As the name suggests, the wind covers keep your smoke away from blowing now and again. It is the ideal way to smoke indoor and outdoor. A wide variety is available and you can opt for one of these that fits your style.

The popular hookah wind covers that you can choose from are:

  • Mya Hookah wind cover
  • Gold traditional hookah wind cover
  • Shikha crown hookah wind cover

Hookah Cleaning Accessories

Hookah cleaning accessories include brushes and cleaning solutions. They are important tools to keep your hookah clean.

Hookah Coal Heater

If you are tired from igniting coal from your torches and lighters, coal heaters are here to save the day. Hookah coal heater and portable stoves are the perfect options to ignite your sheesha. In addition, it saves time, making your session relaxing.

Hookah Smoke and Flavor Enhancers

The hookah smoke and flavor enhancers keep your session soothing and relaxing. It lessens the charcoal taste and enhances the flavor. In turn, this improves the overall taste of hookah sessions.

You can either go rogue and enjoy your hookah without any accessories or you could opt for the right accessories. While you may not understand the difference just yet, once you do try a hookah with accessories, you would never want to go back to the charcoal-dominant hookah smoking!

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