Has your firm “gone agile”, but you are not getting the expected results? Maybe your teams have lost all the initial drive they had when they learned Agile methods?

Or, are you considering making your firm agile but the breadth of changes involved overwhelms you? Then this is the ideal read for you.

When a firm or a team changes from the current framework to agile practices, the sheer volume and complexity of the change can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, making use of agile Coaching can help increase productivity and improve teamwork allowing you to benefit from the framework.

Here are the primary benefits of using a certified agile coach in your organization.

Transition Backlog

Yes, an agile transformation should be done like an agile project, by generating the need for an agile coach to make the transition backlog.

But what is a transition backlog? It is a list of work items necessary to transform a firm into an agile process. The backlog also plays a role in making major improvements in the process.

The key elements include defining teams, resourcing, training, acquiring, and configuring tools.

Voice of Experience

Certified agile coaches have worked with different companies in various industries, on all development levels. Most of these firms hold different business cultures.

The bottom line is, the coach has seen and solved several challenges. This allows them to confidently step in and lead the way over, through, or around the challenges.

Change Management

Business tools, practices, and processes are easy. However, it is the change required to make a firm agile that’s difficult. Most firms attempt to jump from deciding to go agile to training.

Don’t make this mistake. Opting for this shortcut fails to build widespread awareness of the importance of this change. The result, pushback, and frustration from employees, leading them to sabotage or stay still and wait out for the “fad” until the business management re-implements the status quo.

Certified agile coaches, however, have the charisma and empathy necessary to help employees and teams see the bigger picture. With their training and experience, they can institute a culture of continuous personal growth and transformation.

Re-aligning the Organization

Going agile is not just something for the employees. At the core, agility requires a complete overhaul in rigid organization structures.

Being agile hones in on true customer value and ensuring that necessary changes are made with ease. And yes, with a renewed product focus reorganizing how teams align around them becomes easy. since the agile coach has seen through this process in different firms and is thus able to help every step of the way.


There are numerous benefits that a company can enjoy from making use of a professional agile coach. So, do you want to realize these benefits in your firm, then look for a certified agile coach? Check their experience, reviews, and track record in the field. Engaging the best coach is the only way to ensure you get quality results.

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