Branded games are a staple in not just the video games market but also the iGaming sector. Many video game studios and casino operators have acquired licensing agreements with major Hollywood studios, from Universal Pictures to Warner Brothers. These agreements make branded games more appealing as game operators can use real audio and video from popular franchises like The Avengers, The Matrix, and Anchorman. But what is the best way of experiencing these games? For instance, we know Imax movie theatres have more appeal than traditional movie theatres as Imax uses a high-resolution screen, whereas standard theatres use a regular resolution. For perspective, a high-resolution screen display has a film format of 70 mm, while the film format for standard cinemas is 35 mm.

Immersive Ways to Play Video Games

For video games, the answer is virtual reality headsets. The ability to virtually place yourself within a video game such as Star Wars, Void Racer, or Rez Infinite has changed the video game industry from head to toe. In fact, there was once a time when it seemed like the best way to play video games was through consoles that enabled in-game chat either through audio or text boxes. However, virtual reality headsets like Oculus Quest 2 have taken the crown from PlayStation, Xbox, and games like Fortnite that include in-game chat features. Plus, considering how advanced some VR video games are, it’s a shocking realization that virtual reality is still a developing area, and we haven’t reached the technology’s full potential yet. 

Immersive Ways to Play Casino Games

As for online casino games, some of the most attractive ways to play them include smartphones and tablets. Now, you may be wondering, how do iPad casino games play on the big screen versus smaller smartphone screens like the iPhone? The answer is simple: the gaming experience on the iPad, whether you’re playing the Ozzy Osbourne slot game or traditional roulette, is vastly different from smartphones and significantly better. Of course, that shouldn’t be surprising — the bigger the screen, the better gameplay looks. And iPads have much larger screen sizes, often falling between 9.7 and 10.2 inches. Even the iPhone 11 display size doesn’t compare to an iPad, even though it’s significantly larger than its predecessors, with the screen around 6.06 inches diagonally. 

Everyone has their preferences for how they want their gaming experience to be. Maybe you’re not ready to embrace virtual reality just yet, and you would prefer to stick to playing branded video games on your computer, console, or mobile phone. That’s okay; the good thing about the gaming experience is it’s often subjective. Only you know what you like. Likewise, there’s also the possibility that you can’t afford an iPad, so you have no choice but to play casino games on your cell phone. Again, that’s okay. Cellphone and smartphone features have developed significantly over the years.

However, sometimes it’s nice to know bigger and better options are available for when you’re ready. For instance, no one goes to an Imax theatre every time they watch a movie, but every once in a while, when you go, you’re blown away by the differences and the quality. Playing video games via virtual reality headsets and casino games on iPads instead of smartphones is a similar kind of experience. 

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