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It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Not only is it an essential makeup of a person’s social media digestion, but for a brand looking to expand their consumer base. Still, there is a lot of inquiry into whether or not Instagram truly is the best platform to promote a brand.

After all, there are more social media platforms around today than ever before, many of which vary with their demographics and who is following them. Not to mention how much people invest into their social media platform for capital and consumer gains. That’s largely why so many brands and individuals look for ways to achieve a higher follower base—the more followers, the more credibility and potential customers that’ll invest their capital into a business.

Regardless, there is a lot to say about branding in general and how Instagram is the best platform to promote the said brand. So, with this in mind, let’s examine why Instagram is the best platform for promoting a brand!

1. Consumers Love Instagram

The biggest reason any brand or business turns to a social media platform is to grow its following and get more customers. Marketing and promoting are essential makeup for the success of a brand, and the modern era has made it especially easy for brands to achieve marketing success.

Instagram has a broad consumer base, most of which are on the younger side of things. A younger demographic is not only good for the longevity of a website but the success of a business. Younger demographics keep a brand thriving, and most niches look to expand their more youthful demographic.

Consumers and people in general also have a natural love for Instagram as a platform. There is a lot of negative feedback about other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Still, it’s not as familiar with Instagram. It’s a pleasant and intriguing site that every brand understands the importance of.

2. Brands Can Efficiently Market Themselves

Besides the obvious benefit of having a large consumer base directly on Instagram, the other end of the spectrum is how easy it is for brands to efficiently market themselves. Unlike several other platforms, there are more ways than not for a brand to become truly successful on Instagram.

For instance, Instagram’s most popular application is the Instagram story format. Stories are a fantastic way to have a direct line of communication and are more regularly viewed by someone than a post. Stories can also be used to go live instead of the typical story format, giving the brand multiple avenues to utilize.

On a more formal notice, Instagram posts operate in an excellent capacity as well. The overall aesthetic of a page is primarily determined by their posts, making it a fundamental area for brands to pay close attention to. Then, there comes the added bonus of IGTV and reels. The opportunities are endless.

3. It’s Easy to Link Back to a Website

As great as it is to utilize a social media platform, none of it matters all that much if it becomes a massive pain to have sales on it. Thankfully, Instagram has made it very straightforward and straightforward for linking, where businesses, brands, and any personal page for that matter can insert a link in the designated link slot for their bio.

Many users have become familiar with this method, making it an effortless approach to visit a brand’s website without any worry attached to the matter. Whether it’s a brand linking to their online store or a blogger sharing their website, all of it is linked very easily through Instagram.

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It’s also become a part of the norm’ for brands on Instagram to mention visit link in bio (Call-to Action), etc. Seeing as this language has become a natural part of Instagram makes sense why so many people are familiar with it. From a brand perspective, it’s easy enough to do and doesn’t require anything too complicated.

4. It Plays a Critical Role in Online Reputation

The interest in having a successful brand comes with the bonus of maintaining a social media following. Fortunately enough, sticking with social media isn’t too challenging today since it’s practically impossible for anyone to avoid it. All it requires is some proper attention and dedication to the matter.

Once an online social media page is established, online reputation comes along with it. Generally speaking, more people than not turn to the online world before venturing to try a new brand or business out. Whether it’s a restaurant someone walked by or an online eCommerce store, the online world is primarily what helps determine if someone will invest their time and energy into a business or brand.

Seeing as Instagram is as popular of a platform as it is, an Instagram page does an excellent job at creating an online reputation. People seek out a trust barrier before investing their time and energy into something. Therefore, an Instagram page not only demonstrates a brand is legit but also paves the way for growing a brand.

5. Every Niche is on Instagram

When discussing the subjectivity of a brand, it’s safe to assume that every brand feels their specific niche is separate from those around them. As a result, many become worried that the larger audience won’t understand or be interested in their specific niche. After all, people just want others to enjoy their business or brand.

Fortunately enough, Instagram isn’t a single entity that’s solely meant for one specific area. Just about any niche has an audience on Instagram, making it extremely popular across the brand spectrum. As a result, it’s especially vital for brands to not be intimidated by whatever they hope to accomplish.

Even if a brand feels its specific audience is extremely niche, it’s still worthwhile to have an Instagram. There’s an audience for everything, especially when it comes to Instagram. In short, it’s better to give it a try than to just assume the worst. Regret is worst than trying and not succeeding.

6. Instagram is Great for Collaborations

No matter the industry a brand falls under; collaborations have been around in the world of marketing for quite some time. Whether it’s a brewery coming up with a taco Tuesday meal and beer day with a Mexican restaurant or sporting brands having a combined clothing item for sale, all of it falls under the collaboration spectrum.

From an Instagram point of view, plenty of influencers can help share the knowledge related to a specific Instagram page through an advertising fee. This method has become a modern method for expanding an Instagram page, and it’s beneficial for brands.

There are countless ways to utilize the collaboration route through Instagram, showcasing yet another example of the platform is such a valuable tool for promoting a brand. Depending on a brand’s budget, there’s a lot they can accomplish just through the collaboration route alone.

7. Instagram is Popular

The last and most straightforward answer to why Instagram is the best platform for promoting a brand has to do with its popularity. Although it’s great to be a trendsetter, this isn’t always the case with utilizing a social media platform. Regardless, Instagram is a trendy platform, making it especially useful for that reason alone.

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It’s indeed impossible to predict the longevity of a platform. Still, it’s safe to assume Instagram will remain in the limelight for a long time. After all, Instagram is easy to use, has a large consumer base, and constantly adds new features that make it considerably better than before.

As for a brand’s perspective, it’s easy to see why so many brands will continually stick with Instagram as their primary platform. Of course, there are a lot of other social media platforms to utilize, but a proper mix of all of them will surely get the most out of a brand. Patience is vital for any success story.

Should Every Brand Use Instagram?

Before concluding entirely, many brands have an endless slew of questions related to Instagram. First and foremost, should every brand use Instagram? Although the answer might seem obvious, it’s easy to say every brand should use Instagram to a certain degree, some more than others.

If a brand finds Instagram isn’t going well for them, it’s more than likely a mistake on their end, not necessarily Instagram. As a result, the brand should figure out what they’re doing wrong and how they can adapt to it. If they can manage to do that, they’ll be shocked to see how much better they’ll be in the long run.

What Are Some Brand Mistakes to Avoid on Instagram?

Like anything else, there are plenty of mistakes brands should be aware of. Seeing as Instagram has such a wide range of options, it’s easy to see how a brand can make mistakes on the platform. First off, a brand needs to be aware of how often they should post. There’s a happy balance between not posting enough and posting too much.

Another point to make has to do with the appearance of an Instagram page. If a page doesn’t look adequate enough, no one is going to waste their time with that specific brand. The last point has to do with when to post. Knowing the best times to post on Instagram will help with a post’s overall reach.

Should Brands Utilize Other Social Media Platforms Too?

As great as Instagram is for the longevity and success of a brand, every brand should utilize other social media platforms as well. Success is all about utilizing the resources around you, and if a brand ignores what’s useful, then they’re only hurting themselves.

It can seem confusing what platform is meant for what, but as social media platforms emerge, it can be worthwhile to see if the platform is applicable to a specific brand. Even if it’s not, it still may be of interest to venture over and utilize it. Still, there are a lot of points to highlight with the longevity of any brand, especially with the fluctuating popularity of brands.

Will Instagram Ever Not Be Useful For Branding?

The last area to discuss has to do with Instagram and if it will ever not being valid for branding. As of right now, it’s impossible to predict the future. People in the 1960s believed there’d be flying cars by now, so no one knows for sure how long Instagram will be around. After all, look at vine. Still, it’s safe to assume that Instagram is here to stay, especially when it comes to branding success.

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