Sports videography is catching on with the young and active. Well if you are into extreme sports what best to show off your exploits than capturing and showing it off. “No Proof No Glory” or NPNG in short, is what UK brand Veho is telling you.

Veho is fast becoming a household name in sports video camera segment. Founded in 2006 it now has sales distribution in over 100 countries.

Veho’s latest VCC-005 Muvi HD range retails from $199.95. The full bundle costing $259 comes with a Waterproof Case and a Helmet Front Mount that allows you to create a true POV angle when filming handsfree. A wide range of body, cycle, motorbike and in car mounting accessories are also available as options. It has a tripod mount too, which is very useful indeed in certain situations where you want more stability. A remote control is also included at no extra cost.

Veho Muvi HD
Veho Muvi HD

Video quality is pretty good and the Muvi HD records in 1080p, 720p at both 60 and 30fps, 960p and WVGA. The 960p mode allows you to record with a tall image. This is great if you are into skiing or skydiving as it captures a larger area so you need not worry too much about where you’re pointing the camera when you’re in the air.

Here’s a short video clip filmed using a Veho MUVI HD:

YouTube video

So if you are looking for a reasonably riced action camcorder, the Veho Muvi HD is certainly worth a consideration.

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