As Marvel Studios moves into another phase, we look at the past phases and figure out why they have become a profitable investment.

Obviously, the heroes don’t come cheap. Some have to get attractive upfront fees and take the final payment at the end of the game. The pay is for years.

We can look at different movies and how much they cost to produce, then we can truly appreciate why Marvel movies cost so much.

The Avenger movie seems to be the most expensive film. The reason is that every hero has distinctive characters and powers whose effects are more demanding. For instance, Avengers: Endgame comes with a hefty cost of $600, and this gives a great push into the franchise. Those who have watched Marvel avengers movies in order can attest to their special effects. It requires money to come up with excellent effects.

Every movie fan understands the beauty of real shoots; it makes sense to have such high costs.

Why are Marvel Movies expensive?

The Marvel movies have stood the test of time. Same way, they are known for their extremely high budgets.

The fact brings us to the answer to why Marvel movies are expensive. For one, the cast has to be supported, not forgetting the high-profile actors that need salary. There is the use of special effects, costumes and all these may cost millions of dollars.

The MCU has over 22 films released, and more are soon to come into play. This comes with the complexity of shooting elegance and the price has to be paid.

Marvel movies costs are based on three aspects.

Films are not easy to make. Multiple budgets for preparing a film are required, which excludes promotions.

Casts costs: Characters in Marvel Studios have it all when it comes to negotiating about payments. They know they have reached the unbeatable level and such has to be paid for. For instance, Robert Downey Jr. earned $10 million in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017).  Again, when he took the role of Tony Stark in Iron Man, he is known to have earned approximately $75 million. His overall earnings could amount to over $400 million from Marvel movies.

Production costs: On average, Marvel movies have spent around $3.8 billion for MCU production. Again, Avengers has topped on these costs, with Avengers: Age Of Ultron taking up an average of $330,600,000.  And the lowest price going to Ant-man with$130,000,000. These costs were spent on visual effects, music. They also include payment made to writers and directors plus everyone who worked hard to get the film into existence among other costs.

Advertising/promotions costs: These films have taken up huge costs on promotion. Avengers: End game being the top in promotion costs. Marvel studios have already used $ 200 million on production costs. Others that spent much lower on marketing campaigns are Avengers: Infinity war which spent around $150 million and $80 million for the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The audience has changed as teens, Millennial and families have become the target for Marvel movies. This means that Marvel is geared towards partnering with those who honor new audiences. The partnership has made an average of %50 increase in sales; this has made them put effort into marketing campaigns.

The above costs depict that Marvel movies are not just movies. These are cinematic scenes which have been on for decades having the Avengers: Endgame as the top in the 21st Century with a huge number of fans. For this reason, they make considerable budgets to partner with well-known brands such as nonprofit organizations. They send reminders to get people to watch the movies. You can have a taste of how marvel spends its costs while watching Marvel avengers movies in order.

All these costs have been scrutinized to ensure every penny is spent wisely.

Which are the most expensive Marvel movies?

Taking a look at Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, among others, it’s no wonder that Marvel Studios fame is on top. The ever-constant releases have made the film industry a genre of its own.

 Marvel movies have a gush in popularity. Such popularity is seen on the big screens as well as the big sales in novels which have attracted a super deal of fans.

The urge to have the audience with a constant taste of superheroes has made production costs rise. It’s the act of making audiences come back for more. It’s breathtaking to imagine the millions spent on Marvel movies. But, it becomes unquestionable after one has a grasp of the production costs.

 The Marvel comics movies have been marked for their high costs. The leading series is the Avengers: Endgame (2019). The film has a high production budget of 356 million U.S dollars, Followed by Avengers: Infinity war with 220 million US dollars, and lastly, the Avengers: Age of Ultron with 250 million US dollars.

Black Panther is another best hit of comics. It has thrilled fans due to its entertainments, whipping a whole $210 million. It has been termed one of the most expensive films due to its combination of the comic genre and the cultural importance it brings to its fans. They can also not miss its political aspect.

The Avengers seems to be the top on the list of high costs of production because it contains some of the top superheroes in a single story. It is no wonder that the series has been one of the most successful.

We also have Spiderman: Homecoming with a budget of $175 million, with Tom earning a base salary of $500,000 for the film. Tom also earned $3 million for appearing in Avengers: Endgame (2018), currently, his base salary to appear in a single film may be totaling to $4.5million.

Another film that has been on the hike is the Guardians of the Galaxy, spending on average $232.3 million. It can be a perfect film for those who don’t have a taste for comics. There is so much comicality and hope for the future from the characters.

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