Unless your business is backed with the latest cutting-edge technology, there’s no way you’ll be able to keep up with the competition. It’s all about innovation and efficiency when it comes to success, and these must-have tools can give you the competitive edge you need to thrive in today’s economy.

Keep reading to learn more about the new technological advancements that can benefit your business, broken up by category, so you can find the right solutions for your needs.

Business Tools for Increased Productivity

  • Project management software – This is one of the best things your business can invest in because it enables you to easily stay on top of projects with competing priorities all on one, easy-to-use dashboard. Track status updates, add assignment details and work more efficiently using software that prevents the need to switch back and forth between tabs.
  • Efficient internal communication systems – Rather than waiting for emails to ping back and forth, an instant messaging system like Slack will allow your team to communicate important details in real-time.
  • Mobile platforms to work on-the-go – Whether you work in the field or delegate tasks during your commute, you’ll need mobile technology you can rely on. There are so many solutions depending on your industry; for example, tax software hosting from Intuit Accountants enables you to service clients from their living room, and the Dropbox mobile app can sync data over cloud-based storage to keep sensitive information secure. It’s these types of unique selling propositions that will put you ahead of the pack.
  • Automated marketing materialMarketing is essential to business growth, but it can require a lot of time and attention. There are many software solutions that can automate repetitive marketing tasks so you can promote your business while focusing on more pressing concerns.
  • Email extensions for filtered content – Install an extension like the SaneBox email filter to quickly sort important messages from those you’re uninterested in, saving yourself a ton of time and productivity in the process.

Business Tools for Employee Management

  • Online employment screening – You need to feel confident in every candidate you hire, and employment screening services are the best way to vet each job applicant.
  • Virtual human resources (HR) – Small business owners should understand the importance of HR, even if they don’t have the means to afford a salaried professional. Platforms like Zenefits HR software offer an affordable way to provide employees with the support they need.
  • Time-tracking tools – Use time-tracking technology to monitor task progression and identify where employees may benefit from more training, if necessary.

  • Scheduling software – Rather than manually distributing weekly shift assignments, and remember who is available when this type of software can do the grunt work for you.
  • Payroll processing platform – Hopefully, you’re not still doing payroll by yourself. If so, it’s time to invest in technology that can take care of all the fine details on your behalf.

Business Tools for Customer Relations

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) softwareCRMs are essential tools, especially for eCommerce sites, because they track customer data in order to optimize sales performance.
  • Online booking softwareOnline booking systems have the flexibility to fit your business’s needs. You can schedule your people, spaces, services, and equipment, all from one place. Additionally, you can choose software like SuperSaaS that allows you to send your customers customized reminders to avoid no-call, no shows.
  • Social media management – Whether you install an app, hire an account manager, or do it yourself, it’s important to maintain a social media presence that strengthens customer relationships.
  • Live chat plugins – Provide instant communication with visitors on your WordPress website with a LiveChat plugin. Customers will appreciate prompt answers to their questions, leading to stronger conversion rates.
  • SMS text support – Another great strategy for standout customer service is to offer support through SMS text. Millennial audiences, in particular, don’t want to wait on hold to speak to someone over the phone; they’d rather chat back and forth over text at their convenience. Plus, this approach makes you seem more personable and allows them to listen to their own music rather than Mozart on the line. This works inside your company as well. Millennial employees prefer texts to phone calls or long emails, so employee text alerts are the way to go here.
  • Customer service system – Five-star customer service is key to business success but delivering this type of experience can be difficult to manage with so much else piled on top of your plate. Implement a cloud-based help desk that optimizes customer service with easy ticket-tracking across a variety of channels. You’ll create better and longer-lasting relationships that are at the core of any company.

Start with this must-have list of 15 tech tools to optimize your workflow, then keep exploring! The options are truly endless, with new innovations added every day, so be sure to stay ahead of the curve and your competition won’t stand a chance.

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