Every house needs to have some sort of adhesive tape that will come in handy for repairs. No, we aren’t just talking about scotch tape that is used to tape paper or gift wraps together. There are so many different kinds of tapes available in the market- duct tapes, gorilla ones, and so many more.

Did you know that the global adhesive market tape size was USD 62.6 billion in 2021? If you need to know some of the waterproof tapes in order to use them efficiently, we have a list here for you.

1. Box-sealing tape

Almost all of us have used or at least seen this tape in our houses. As the name suggests, this kind of tape is used to seal packing boxes and is often light brown in color. The standard width of this tape is 2 inches, but there can be many different sizes.

Irrespective of the width, all box-sealing tapes are used to seal the open ends of cardboard or other boxes. It is very strong and durable and generally used only along the center strip of the box. But it can also be applied on any other ends to make the sealing stronger.

2. Duct tape

Duct tape was originally known as “duck tape.” Traditionally, this tape was grey in color, but nowadays, it comes in many kinds of colors and patterns. It is a special, pressure-sensitive tape that has cloth or scrim. It is also coated with a layer of polyethylene.

Duct tapes can be used to fix almost anything and everything, starting from tiny repair to mending medium-sized cracks. Duct tapes are also pretty inexpensive and can be found in almost any store. Nowadays, the manufacturing processes have changed, but the popularity of this type of tape has remained.

3. Elastic therapeutic tape

This kind of tape is also known as Kinesio tape, kinesiology tape, or K-tape. Not generally seen in many households, the elastic therapeutic tape helps to treat injury or disability caused by an accident. Research has shown that this tape, when applied properly, helps to lessen pain.

Many others, however, feel that this is just a placebo, meaning it only makes the user feel as if the pain has lessened. The best thing about therapeutic tape is that it is extremely stretchable and contains no latex. As a result, it can be used on anyone and everyone without any fear of adverse reactions or allergies.

4. Electrical tape

Electrical tapes are used to insulate electric wires or any other device that is capable of conducting electricity. A number of different types of plastics can be used to manufacture these types, but vinyl is the preferred material.

This is because vinyl lasts for a long time and gives great insulation, thereby preventing shocks to the user. Electrical tape is also stretchable so that it can be used to cover long wires. The adhesive portion is present on only one side of the tape, which makes the job much less messy and easier.

5. Seam tape

Seam tape is also sometimes known as pond-liner seam tape. If you have a pond or a swimming pool, then you might encounter cracks or dents along the surface of the liners. This can not only drain your level of water but also be harmful to pond life.

As the name suggests, this kind of seam tape is used to fix these cracks or dents. It is very durable and completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about fixing it again and again. The tape is also quite easy to cut and apply.

If you want to buy some premium-quality seam tapes, visit Bayset. They have a wonderful stock of waterproof tapes, adhesives, and all kinds of fixing solutions.

6. Self-amalgamating tape

This tape does not stick to the item around which it is wrapped. So this is mostly used to wrap together pipes, hoses, or electrical cables. It only sticks to itself and creates a very strong, insulating, and waterproof layer.

The tape is able to withstand harsh weather conditions, sunlight, or heat. The only downside is that it can be easily torn or cut.

Over to you…

These are the six different types of waterproof tapes commonly used in households. Depending on what you wish to fix or attach, you’ll have to choose your tape carefully. For the best kind of adhesive collection, visit Bayset, Australia.

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