We all have seen the Kodi users struggle to find suitable Kodi add-ons and Kodi builds. But guys, for proper functioning and installation of these you need to have the right repositories. So I think the search should be for the best Kodi repositories rather than add-ons and builds.

A Kodi repository is the storehouse of various add-ons and builds. You will find both video add-ons as well as program add-ons here. While some repositories host multiple add-ons, you will find the same add-on in multiple repositories. If you are using Kodi for some time now, you would have discovered that the add-ons and builds are updated every now and then. And so it’s time to go through the updated list of best repositories for Kodi.

What is Kodi Repository?

A lot of files are required for the proper functioning of add-ons. These common files are stored in a space which is known as Repository. These support files are known as dependencies, which can be URL Resolver or Scrapper.

These dependencies files are called into action by the developers while they are developing an addon. They use the call by function for this. However, they cannot change or modify them due to copyright protection. They can just use them. These function files are thus available in the repository and respond when called for a certain function.

Repositories are open source and so many developers who don’t have their own repository change the base code in order to host it on their own. While some developers may have their own repository as well.

Installation of add-on through the repository is usually advised. Because there are some standalone add-ons which include all the files in its script. So it increases the size of the addon and reduces the performance. And so always try to use a repository for installing an add-on until there is no alternative left. Repositories are auto-updateable and so you don’t need to worry about that as well.

15 Best Kodi Repositories- Updated 2020

Kodi is one of the best open-source media streaming platforms. You can install any repository and stream your favorite shows, movies, cartoons and much more by installing the add-ons and builds. Here is a complete updated list of the best repositories that you can install on your Kodi device.


The Ukodi1 Repository hosts an updated list of the add-ons. It’s a nice repository which has only 7 add-ons for now, but all of them work just perfectly. It’s a reputable Kodi repository where you will find some of the amazing Kodi add-ons. Also as previously said, all the latest updates released are included which makes the add-ons better than the previous ones.

Currently, you will find Adult Swim, The Kratos, YouTube, Cartoon Network, Deathstar, and WOW like add-ons in this unique and fantastic repository. As the repo is continuously updated, it’s one of the favorite choices among the Kodi users.


Undoubtedly Kodisreal is one of the best repositories for Kodi users. Not only in terms of the quantity but this repo also hosts some really good add-ons. There are hundreds of choices and so when you enter the repository to find any add-on, I’m sure you will find something extra.

You will find some amazing Kodi add-ons in this Repo like Exodus, Elysium, Quantum, Covenant, 123 Movies, Duckpool, Fantastic and many more. It is definitely one of the favorite choices of most of the users mainly because you can also install add-ons other than the typical TV and Movie add-ons. You also get access to music, programs, lyrics and picture add-ons.

Kodil Repo

This next repo offers a wide range of options for entertainment to its users which makes it an interesting choice. Kodil Repo hosts countless add-ons option of different genres. You can get access to genres like sports, movies, news TV shows and much more. It also has some carefully selected add-ons through which you can stream live TV, sports and all the latest movies.

It is a simple and clean Repo where all the add-ons are arranged carefully in alphabetical order so that the users can easily locate their favorite add-on and install it.  A popular choice of Kodi users in the US, UK, and Canada. It hosts various popular add-ons like Fox Sports, Stream Hub, Nemesis, Peaky Blinders and much more.


The next Kodi repo is for all the sports enthusiasts out there. Supremacy Repo hosts some of the fantastic sports repo and is the best for adding some great options to your arsenal. Apart from being known for some great Sports add-ons, you can also stream Live TV and IPTV on it. You will know more about the addons after you install it like Subtitles, Music, TV drama series, movies and more.

So not an only sports fan, but all the Kodi users who are looking for an all-round choice for their Kodi device then Supremacy Repo is a fantastic option. The add-ons that are available with this repo are Planet MMA, Supremacy Repo, Adult Swim, Sublime Electra Vault, Yoda, YouTube, The Magic Dragon and more.

Kodi Bae

As compared to the other repositories, the Kodi Bae Repo offers a smaller amount of add-ons. Even though the number is less, the few add-ons that it contains are one of the best and very popular.

The Kodi Repo is home to some of the fantastic add-ons such as cCloud TV, PrimeWire, 9Anime, Ultimate IPTV, Sportie, Sparkle, and some more.

All Eyez On Me

A fairly new repo which offers a great collection of add-ons is All Eyez On Me. It is an amazing add-on where you will get access to not only movies and TV shows, but also to live TV, music, Kids content and more.  Apart from this, you can also have access to add-ons like Genesis Reborn, Disney Junior, YouTube, Indigo, FilmOn, and lots more fantastic add-ons.

The All Eyez On Me Repo has been found to be flawless in the various testings with no broken add-on

Brettus Repository

This next repository is for all those who are you still a child by heart? If you too love to watch cartoon and anime, then Brettus repo is for you. It also one of the best add-ons to stream documentaries. The Brettus repository serves all these needs with the vast variety of content and add-ons.

For each and every category you will find a separate addon starting from Anime, documentaries, cartoon, TV series, 4K movies, Live TV, and IPTV.

You can fetch the different streaming links using separate scrapers. And the most important thing about the Brettus Repo is that it offers old contents. Its specialty is that it hosts lots of evergreen movies, TV shows, and anime series straight from the ’90s. It is a one-stop power pack repository perfect for all your needs.

TV Addons Repository a.k.a Fusion Repo

The TV Addons repository is back as the Fusion Repo and it is back with a bang! And there are much-improved features and lots and lots of new addons.  The TV Addons repo faced some copyright infringement issues and was shut down. However, after the charges got cleared it is back.

And now you can enjoy GitHub Browser like coolest features. And so you can install the third-party addons and even search for the addons using the username of the developer. The amazing part of TV Addons is that it is one of the founders of URL Resolver. And so the addons present in this repository have are of awesome quality.

Sarcasm Repository

Another repository that can be placed on the top is the Sarcasm Repository. And the major reason is its varied, top-class features. Even though it is a new repo, it deserves to be here. Its especially one of the finest choices for all the movie freaks out there. It is one repository that you should try to stream unlimited movies, both latest and old.

The complete repo is dedicated to movies, covering all the genres. There is a special add-on for Bollywood, Kollywood and Hollywood movies as well. You will find even some of the best Japanese, Chinese, and Thai movies. To stream any of such content just check this repo out.

Super Repo

The Super Repo is known for its vast and diverse collection of add-ons. It is so huge that it also consists of a lot of sub-repositories. It is unarguably one of the best repositories for Kodi. Super Repo is a reliable repo that hosts some of the evergreen Kodi addons. With more than 1700 addons, 1000 addons are video addons.

Till now you could have felt that it is seriously one of the largest Kodi repositories, and so it allows its users part installation feature. So you can install only the required part of the Repo. There are over 500 repositories that are linked to the Super Repo. And so if you want to access any of the linked repositories then you can search under the addon repository section.

AJs Repository

If you don’t judge a thing by its popularity then you can give AJs repository a shot. It is not the most popular Kodi repository, but you will definitely find some really good quality add-ons here. According to the data collected, it had about 7 video addons along with 1 program add-on known as the AJs Wizard.

This wizard hosts a good line up of Kodi builds. You will find these fine builds under 4 different categories like AJ Builds, Pauls Builds, Beckys Builds, and Community Builds. A total of 20 builds are there. There is also a Maintenance category that allows you to perform various basics tasks such as deleting packages, cache, thumbnails, along with force closing of Kodi and resetting it to the default value.

You may not find the Video Add-ons section interesting as it doesn’t feature the very well-known add-ons. However, there are addons like the Cryptic, Champion Sports, Eyasses, and Falcon Project that you can try.

Maverick TV

Maverick TV a well-known repo and one of the most popular and perfect repository for those who are looking for a wide variety of add-ons. Not only is it known for the video streaming add-ons, but it also offers its users, the best add-ons for music on the Kodi Build.

And don’t take me lightly when I say that it hosts some of the best, actually the best Kodi add-ons. It includes Copy and Paste, JukeBoxHero, Maverick TV, The Magic Dragon, Now Music USA and SportsDevil. Even though there are not many addons and it’s not the largest repo but you can enhance your add-ons selection with some for the best Kodi add-ons available here. And for audio lovers, it is a deal of a lifetime.


You will find the AndroidABA on various sites but technically it not a Kodi repository. It is a source that provides a wide range of utility addons and gives you access to install the Kodi repositories. You can find many Kodi repositories here like the Kodi Bae, Maverick TV, Kodil, etc. it is similar to the Lazy Kodi Repo but hosts a bigger collection than it.

So if you are unable to install the repositories from the original source or cannot find the addons then you can try the AndroidABA for sure. Who know you find what you were looking for from so long. There are fair chances of finding what you are seeking.

Magicality Repository

Repositories come and go, and one such repo that was used by tons of people was Blamo repo. However, after its shutdown, the users started looking for an alternative. The Magicality Repository is one of the best replacement for Blamo Repo. It is no less than the clone of the Blamo Repo.

The Magicality Repo is home to the Placenta and Neptune Rising like popular add-ons. Even though your favorite repo is down, this replacement brings you everything. It even has a special addon for drama and dubbed anime series. And nothing to worry about, as the repo hosts a forded version of the add-ons to be on the safer side. So don’t forget to check out this repository as well.


You can call the last in our list as the father of all Repositories. Till now you would have known that add-ons and builds on Kodi are not permanent. They go offline and are shut down sometimes due to copyright violations. A repository is a source of all the Kodi add-ons and so it’s basically the server hosting the repository which is either temporarily shut down or removed permanently. And so you can’t install your favorite add-ons as well.

Luckily, some sources have together put multiple repositories so that the users can easily install them in the absence of the original source. Lazy Kodi is a repository of this kind. It is simply a collection of multiple repositories. Entering the Lazy Kodi Repo you are introduced to a big library of several repositories which include Maverick TV and Kodi Bae like popular repositories.

More Kodi Repositories

  1. Kodi Nerds
  2. Colossus Repository
  3. One Nation
  4. Kodi New Erleben Repo
  5. 13 Clowns
  6. Perflix TV
  7. Arnu Box Repo
  8. Simply Caz
  9. Gaia Repo
  10. Bubbles Repository
  11. Ares Wizard
  12. Cazlo Repo
  13. Freeworld Repo
  14. K3l3vra Repository
  15. Renegades repo
  16. Zomboided Repository
  17. Bookmark Repository
  18. Stream Hub Repo
  19. Diamond Wizard Repo
  20. Kodi Tips Repository

Wrapping Up

Once you install a repository you will get access to unlimited latest addons. And so make sure you install the right repo. We hope that we were helpful to you in listing the best repositories for 2020. But in case we missed out on your favorite repo then share it with us in the section below.

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