A truck’s steering control system forms one of the most crucial parts of the vehicle. Unfortunately, a lack of durable and reliable parts can compromise the steering system’s responsiveness, leading to less sensitivity and reaction. This outcome exposes the driver to unsafe conditions, particularly when split-second decisions and actions may make a significant difference between avoiding and causing potentially serious accidents. Therefore, you cannot overlook the importance of a responsive steering system.

Truck drivers and operators in New Zealand and Australia often deal with long trip distances. As a result, the vehicle’s component durability becomes a significant consideration. This need thus highlights how critical it is to select the right aftermarket parts for your trucks when performing replacements. Therefore, purchasing steering and chassis components from reputable brands like Alfred Heyd is best.

The Alfred Heyd Company

The Alfred Heyd company has its origins in Bissingen, Germany, where founder Alfred Heyd first established the firm in 1935. Since its inception, the company has remained family-owned and operated. During that time, The Alfred Heyd company continues to affirm its commitment to delivering reliable, innovative solutions that effectively meet the customers’ needs.

The Alfred Heyd company has grown significantly since it patented the Heyd Vexier ball joints. It presently operates four manufacturing plants with over 350 people employed.

Steering Products from Alfred Heyd.

The Alfred Heyd brand offers a wide range of chassis and steering parts for commercial trucks and vehicles, including:

· Ball joints

· Axial joints

· Axle strut joints

· Molecular joints

· Tie rods

· Drag links

· Pushrods

· Axle struts

· Triangular torque rods (V-stays)

· Pull-pressure struts

The Alfred Heyd brand strives to ease heavy vehicle driving by enhancing and maintaining durability and reliability. By providing better steering systems and quality replacement parts, truck drivers can focus on the road rather than on the effort it takes to steer.

Below are some of the more commonly used Alfred Heyd steering products.

Ball and socket joints

These consist of a round head- or the ball- and a cavity- the socket. The parts work by fitting the ball into the socket and operating in tandem with the steering knuckles and control arms. This setup ensures the vehicle’s flexibility and control while on uneven terrain.

Alfred Heyd ball and socket joints connect to heavy commercial vehicles’ wheels and front suspensions. Their design enables a truck to move up and down when traversing bumpy ground while allowing the wheels to keep in contact with the road surface. As a result, the driver controls the truck’s steering and movement.

Steering Tie Rods

Steering tie rods connect to the steering wheels, steering rack and steering arm. They act as a pivot connection that helps the driver direct the vehicle’s directional turns.

Heyd uses advanced technology to manufacture tie rods that offer two primary advantages:

  • Enhanced manoeuvrability in tight conditions.
  • More durability accounts for heightened component wear and tear due to Australia and New Zealand’s road and weather conditions. Consequently, they last longer than other products.

If you are searching for high-quality aftermarket steering parts for your trucks, remember Alfred Heyd. Their products offer valuable performance and longevity that will keep your vehicles on the road longer and reduce downtime. Consequently, you experience numerous monetary benefits in terms of value, savings and profits.

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