3D scanning becomes more and more popular nowadays, and it has been helping companies cut operation costs, reduce errors, and increase productivity. Look out for one laser scanning company, or different scanning industries have utilized 3D scanning services to obtain high-quality products and reduce manufacturing costs by up to 75%.

With so many success stories to tell, will it also benefit your startup laser scanning company? Read this article to know how 3D scanner works for business startups.

What Is 3D Scanning? 

Let’s first discuss 3D scanning in brief.

In a nutshell, 3D scanning is the process of analyzing an object from reality to collect data and create a digital copy out of it. 3D scanning services produces a 3D model, whether in the form of any object, living species, or surrounding. The model comprises geometric samples’ point cloud on the surface of the object, which will transform later to produce the chosen 3D model subject’s final form. Different scanners and software can also convert the point cloud into a mesh as an output file, producing a shell surface of the scanned object.

How Does 3D Scanning Work?

3D scanning services have gained reputation and popularity with various businesses worldwide because of their versatility to boost production, eliminate unnecessary costs, and generate dynamic products—no wonder why many startups are encouraged to invest in this solution as part of their process.

Currently, 3D scanning has been benefited businesses from various industries, including industrial design and engineering, medical industry, art and design, forensic science, and archaeology and heritage preservation.

Here are the four (4) essential phases in which the 3D scanning process works for business startups:

Conceptualization Stage

Among the biggest challenges faced by startup businesses is the phase to conceptualize and generate ideas. With so many concepts to choose from and ideas that get executed, finding the best one for a particular brand you’re presenting can be challenging.

With 3D scanning, conceptualizing, and transforming ideas into reality can be seamless. You can use the scanners during the conceptualization stage by digitizing objects to interpret and improve your concept diagrams.

Design Stage 

3D scanning can be applied at the start of the design phase through a physical object. It’s done by designing around the object or fit a design to it. Scan the parts and integrate them into your design to achieve an accurate fit.

Here’s how 3D scanning helps you in the actual design process:

Increase design accuracy when working with complex shapes and parts

  • Facilitate the product design to accommodate other parts
  • Capture all physical measurements of any given object
  • Ensure that all parts perfectly fit together during the initial design
  • Allow comparison between designed models and built parts

Development Stage

After the physical object is designed, it’s then moved to the development phase. The measurement of the project’s predefined criteria and documentation gets done, and the user requirements are strictly followed. In this phase, you have the chance to present the project to your client and receive feedback for approval or revisions.

Implementation Stage 

After designing and developing the project, you can start moving it on to the implementation phase. This stage is where the system applies, and the tested solution gets developed. The system is set up and launched to begin the testing process. This stage lets you use the feedback provided by your client to improve performance and work on given issues.

It is quite usual for the products to be moved back and forth frequently from the development phase to the testing stage for business startups. That can also happen even to experts who have been using the solution for a long time. User training and significant learning will take place in this stage.


3D scanning simplifies your business production process and lessens your products’ waiting time to be delivered in the market. Making full use of this innovative solution will ensure that your startup business achieves accuracy from the very beginning of project generation, which, in turn, will reduce costs and errors in the process.

By advancing into 3D scanning systems, your startup business can transform any products to their best 3D versions, have them ready for Computer-Aided Design (CAD), or deliver raw data more efficiently. From the conceptualization phase to the implementation phase, your business will experience a proactive way to generate products through 3D scanning solutions.

As you can imagine, 3D scanning systems have a considerable potential to change the way things get done across various industries of some laser scanning company. 3D scanning’s application in today’s world is diverse, showing how versatile and useful this technology is.

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