A thumbnail is your YouTube video’s first impression. And since first impressions matter, you would not want to lose on the opportunity to grab potential views. Still, people, when creating YouTube videos do not care to give importance to thumbnails. It is maybe because they find image conversion and editing of images a bit too complicated. Not anymore, because with Image Converter, you can get things done within a matter of minutes. Image Converter is a specially designed tool for those who are looking for easy conversion of images that can convert jpg to pdf or to any other format. It is a perfect tool for YouTubers or those who make occasional YouTube videos because it allows easy conversion, compression, and resizing.

Specifications of a YouTube Thumbnail

A YouTube thumbnail is a quick snapshot of the video people are browsing on YouTube. While YouTube allows you to use auto-generated thumbnails for your videos, you can create your own custom thumbnail as per your requirements. The majority of the YouTubers use custom thumbnails for their videos because it gives them a personalized feel as compared to YouTube’s auto-generated thumbnails.

Your custom thumbnail should be as large as possible because it will be used as a preview image in the embedded player. YouTube recommends that your custom thumbnail should:

  • Have an aspect ratio of 16:9

  • Remain under the size limit of 2MB

  • Be uploaded in image formats like PNG, GIF, or JPG

  • Have a resolution of 1280×720 with a minimum width of 640 pixels

How Can Image Converter Help Create Best YouTube Thumbnails?

For starters, Image Converter allows you to convert and resize images in the following file formats quickly:

  1. EPS

  2. SVG

  3. BMP

  4. WEBP

  5. PNG

  6. JPEG

  7. JPG

  8. PDF

So, conversion of jpg to pdf or jpg to png, whichever format you prefer for your YouTube thumbnails, becomes easy.

And since there is a specific size criterion for thumbnails, the tool allows you to resize the image in accordance with YouTube’s guidelines. Image Converter efficiently alters the dimensions without compromising the quality of the image.

Converting Image Using Image Converter:

Image conversion with Image Converter is the simplest thing you can do. There is no need to download and install the software – everything’s online. Yes, it is an online tool, which you can use for free on any browser you prefer. So, whether you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Bing, or Safari, you will be able to use this tool for creating YouTube thumbnails.

One of the biggest benefits of Image Converter is that you can compress numerous YouTube thumbnails in one task by uploading the images as a single batch. It not only saves your time and effort but also allows you to work on your YouTube video efficiently.

To convert your Thumbnail into a preferred format:

  • Upload your images to Image Converter. You can choose files from Google Drive, Dropbox, URL, PC, Smartphone, or even drag onto the page

  • Once the image is uploaded, choose the format in which you want to convert. You will see a drop-down menu of the file types that Image Converter supports

  • Lastly, download the file once the image is converted. The image will be stored in your device on which you are using Image Converter

Resizing and Editing Thumbnails using Image Converter:

Once you have converted the thumbnail image into the preferred format, you can choose to resize and edit the image as per your and YouTube’s requirements.

Image Converter efficiently alters the dimensions but makes sure that your image quality isn’t compromised. The site is designed to be incredibly fast and easy to use. You can resize and edit your thumbnail in a matter of seconds from your favorite internet browser.

Using Image Converter, you can shrink or enlarge the size of your thumbnail, adjust the background color, crop the edges, and even change the output format with ease.

To compress your Thumbnail into a preferred size:

  • Upload the image to Image Converter from Dropbox, Google Drive, Android or iPhone, Mac computer, or Window

  • In the next step, enter the size you need. Image Converter provides you with several presets of size ratios to choose from. Next, choose a new width and height of the image or simply crop the image for hassle-free conversion. Also, you can choose the background color for your thumbnail

  • Finally, download the resized and converted image to use device.

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