Slot machines are very popular among fans of gambling. Starting from land-based mechanical machines, slots gradually migrated to the virtual world of online casinos, reaching an even larger audience. Despite the major evolution of slot machines, the principle of giving out winning combinations remains the same – a random number generator. The relevant question – how to play the machines, confused by modern gamblers. How it works and whether there are working schemes that bring great returns.

Is it real to win at the slot machines?

Slots still attract millions of people in classic casinos and virtual sites. Money games ignite excitement, the seeming simplicity of the process and a solid sum of money do not give peace of mind to the experienced slot-hunters and newcomers. But is it real to win at the slot machines?

If you understand the principle of issuing combinations, the difference between land and online slot machines is small, each running on software. The difference is that the land format is physically present at the playground, and includes a control board and spinning reels. The virtual emulator is a quality software development you can play from home.

A slot machine, unlike poker and roulette, does not require casino skills, which attracts many millions of people. Each subsequent spin can be winning, it is impossible to predict the result. But it is possible to determine the “generosity” of the machine by its characteristics. Calculating the return uses a special formula RTP (Return to player), which shows the percentage return of a particular slot machine – how much money you paid back and the chance to win. Based on the ratio experienced players create strategies and tactics for each slot, where the main goal is to increase income.

Is it possible to win a slot machine?

Even though the situation is controlled by chance, the correct tactics and behavior of the game with the machine in an online casino can lead to success. A few tips will help you to achieve your goal.

slot machine displaying three seven


Money management

An experienced gambler is a rich gambler. This is a truth that you should strive for from the first spin. This requires you to learn how to manage your money in a cold-blooded manner without the influence of gambling.

For example, you have $100, which you set aside for the slot machines. After putting all the money into the machine without the slightest winnings, you will disappointedly close the slots. But what if you’re left with your money after a long game? A small but still win. This is one of the scenarios that are possible with the right money management. It’s easy to learn – establish a minimum amount that you want to keep.

As an example, read about canadian online casinos that accept PayPal and what tips they give for managing your money in the casino.

Time management

Slot machines are capable of captivating. The excitement accelerates time and empties the wallet. Surely you’re familiar with the hard phenomenon of bad luck. Sitting for a long time at the arcade without receiving the expected prize, you can lose everything. To avoid this, take a rule of thumb to take a break every 30 minutes of play. Control yourself!

Location Control

Arrange a comfortable place to play. Extraneous thoughts and excessive nervousness will not play into your hands, only increasing the risk of parting with your luck. Calmness, tranquility, and a comfortable chair are important factors for success.

Slots with a High RTP

RTP rate is calculated individually for each slot. It can be located in the slot machine description on the manufacturer’s website. Presented figure – a sign of an honest casino and a marketing move – because it builds around the strategy. Slots with high RTP offer low jackpots but more winning combinations.

Player Clubs

Attending thematic forums and chats allow you to keep up-to-date with the latest news, innovations from famous brands, strategies, fraud in casinos, and other helpful information. Being a member of such a community, you can avoid many mistakes, and for beginners, it will help to gain experience, which is shared by experienced high rollers.

Slots strategy

Experienced gamblers have built different strategies for slot machines, which can increase the chance of winning and reduce the risk of losing money.

The list of the most popular included:

  • Parlay;
  • Martingale system;
  • Pyramids;
  • One bet a day;
  • High-low;
  • Plus-minus;
  • Zig-Zag.

Let’s take a closer look at how each of them works.


The strategy is based on reducing the bet by 50% after each unsuccessful spin. The tactic has two sides: positive – you will make more spins with different bets, which increases the probability of winning. Negative – fortune can play a cruel joke with you at the moment when the bet is the smallest.

The Martingale System

The strategy is the exact opposite of the previous one. If the slot machine did not give a win, double your bet. This is done to win twice the previous loss. The game is risky and can empty the wallet, but with luck, the gambler not only pays off previous losses but also comes out in the black. The strategy does not work when ten or more spins have been made – the money invested may not even partially recoup by chance.


The theory is based on gradually increasing the bet to the maximum possible rate, then decreasing them in the same way, reaching the minimum.

One bet per day

Strategy by its name indicates the principle of operation, not requiring unnecessary explanation. It is based on the fact that every day spins, the slot machine’s reel with a progressive jackpot with one particular bet. The main “plus” of the strategy is a significant saving of time, secondarily – the hardening of discipline and the taming of gambling.


The strategy is based on the alternate game on the slot machine with the minimum and maximum available bet. Best used on slots with a fixed jackpot.


One of the strategies that are considered the most stable and suitable for beginners. Its essence is to play slots on the maximum number of lines at the minimum bet. This approach increases the chance of striking a winning combination, but because of the small size of the bet, deprives you of the opportunity to rip a solid sum. For all its reliability, the strategy takes a lot of time.


The model increases the chance of breaking the score and allows you to try out new slot machines. The tactic is based on complete randomness and minimal stakes – choose different slots and the number of pay lines. The strategy is not to everyone’s liking because of the constant transitions to the machines and chaotic actions.

Despite the popularity and prevalence of each of the presented strategies, it is essential to understand that none guarantees a stable income, which often works in the short term.

Many cheaters in the network wish to profit from the gullibility of gamblers and their desire to win. If they ask you to pay for the strategy, it is the first sign that they want to cheat you. Never use the services of paid “experts,” guaranteeing a 100% result. Verified by practical research – licensed software is reliably protected from outside interference.

Slot machines continue to attract gamblers and casual guests with big winnings and affordable contributions at stake. With the advent of online slots, trying your luck has become easier – just register on the site, make a deposit and choose a suitable emulator. And whether it is possible to benefit from the gambling hobby tried to answer in the article.

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