If you have been connected with discord, you would now that discord was launched as a platform where gamers could interact with each other. But with time, the platform got developed in to so much more. Now you can find almost a server for anything that you can probably think off.

In a recent update which rolled out on 22nd July, discord released update to a feature called go live- Screen share and now you will be able to share your screen not only on servers but also share screen and do video chats in DM too. Today we will see how to do screen share in discord servers.

So, let’s start:

screen share in discord servers

Why screen share in discord servers?

Screen Share is a very powerful feature and is a really helpful tool for people looking for collaborating online. It is especially useful for a team who can do regular online meetings and do video calls from their respective locations.

In fact, this has really changed the way people do video conferences. Also, it recently reached an all-time high of 8.2 million users which is massive.

How to do a discord screen share?

The process is really easy. Just follow the following steps if you want to share your screen on a discord server.

  • First of all, you need to join a voice channel inside your server.
  • There, you will find an icon which says go live which is there in the voice status panel (you can find it near the bottom left corner). Once you press it a new window will pop up and appear.
  • You can do it in 2 ways, the first way is to share an individual application window. The other way is to select the entire screen to share. Pick any that you feel suitable with.
  • Now you need to click the Go Live button which is available at the bottom of the screen.

That’s it. Now you have shared your screen as well as gone live in your discord server. Sometimes, that is not enough. You may want to watch a live stream on the discord server as well.

Follow these steps if you want to join a screen share or a live stream:

Step 1: First of all, you will need to find broadcasters that are live. To do that look at the left sidebar and there any broadcaster with a go live icon can be found. Make sure that you are looking for it inside the voice channel.

Step 2: Once you have located the person, click on his or her username (remember that they need to have gone live icon). By pressing on the username, you will directly join the stream.

screen share discord

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to change the size and location of the viewing window?

Ans. To do this make sure that you have already joined the stream. Only after joining the live screen share on discord, you can change the size and the location of the viewing window. You can also increase or decrease the sound of the stream. To do this, go to the volume icon by hovering over it on the stream.

Things to Note:

  1. If you use Windows, Linux or Mac, you can share your screen and broadcast using go live.
  2. However, if you are using a mobile device then you can only join as well as watch a stream. No broadcasting is available on the discord mobile app.

Why People like Discord Screen Share?

There are a lot of reasons why people like the discord screen share. The ease of use is one of them. Other ones are:

  • Streaming ability all the way to 720p at 30 frames per second.
  • If you are a nitro classic subscriber, you can do stream up to 1080p @ 60 fps.
  • If you have subscribed for Nitro, you can even stream as high as 4K at 60 frames per seconds, which is insane.


I hope you liked this small tutorial of How to screen share in discord servers. If you still have doubts on your mind, comment them down below and I will help you out with the same.

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