World of Warcraft has undergone a lot of changes over the years. Many players have come and gone, with the franchise still attracting a massive playerbase even today. As far as the old school rendition goes, you may be wondering aside from your quest for WoW Classic gold and glory, just exactly what the best class is you can use where PvE is concerned.

Out of all the classes in the game, there are a few that stand out. Three, in particular, are what many would consider being the optimum choice when it comes to selecting a class to deal with the PvE aspect of WoW Classic.

Protection Warrior

Looking for a decent tank class? Then this is the choice for you. This is the first choice of a high number of WoW Classic players, simply because they have so much to offer. You have a large health pool at your disposal, combined with just how sustainable they are and their unmatched levels of threat to your opponent.

What’s more, their ability to tank is completely unmatched. Even the likes of Protection Paladins and Feral Druids are able to come close to replicating what the Protection Warrior has to offer when it comes to tanking. They work great for raiding as well, and you will notice that any guild worth their salt will have one or two Protection Warriors amongst them.

Holy Priest

Meanwhile, Holy Priest is the equivalent to the above in the healer department. They are undoubtedly the best healers in WoW Classic, They have several buffs that will prove to be a vital part of your survival when raiding, from the likes of Power Infusion to Fortitude, Fear Ward, Shadow Weaving, and more that will be of great importance to you.

One of their most attractive qualities is how flexible they are as healers. They can come in very handy for tank healing, complimenting the likes of the Protection Warrior very nicely.

Combat Rogue

Then we have Rogues, which are the top choice for DPS in WoW Classic. You are looking at a class here that is going to tick all of the boxes for damage output. They may not have the depth in utilities than many other classes, but they are unrivaled in damage. Like the previous two classes we have discussed, they will play a vital role in raiding.

The combination of these three WoW Classic classes is bound to make you and your peers a force to be reckoned with when it comes to raiding. Whilst you might be focused on collecting WoW Classic items to aid you, it’s important to also be choosing the right class that works for you. These are what many will consider being the best PvE choices in this rendition of the MMO. So, whilst you are out there collecting WoW Classic gold and slaying monsters, remember to take a look at what class you are choosing.

Have you tried these PvE classes in WoW Classic? Let us know in the comments section below!

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