With so much competition everywhere you look these days, whether it’s for car insurance, the perfect toothbrush, kitchen appliances, internet service providers or, in the case of this piece today, casinos. You might be surprised to see that not a lot of companies offer loyalty programs, in fact looking at internet service providers or mobile phone contract providers in particular, they tend to look a lot more at offering NEW customers the better offers. Which to me, makes absolutely zero sense, right? Casinos on the other hand, while they do offer new customer bonuses, make a sincere effort to look after returning customers.

They know that in a market as cramped as this one, whether that be brick and mortar casinos or online casinos which are EVERYWHERE now, they need to do something and go that extra mile to make sure YOU want to go back to them. Look, nobody gambles just to throw money away, if you take part in sports betting most people will back the favourites to give them the best chance of winning. In the end we all want to take money off the house, but if you’re going to do it you might as well do it in a place that rewards you right? Today we’re going to be looking at a few bonuses offered by casinos and sportsbooks to help keep customers coming back, we’ll be checking out stuff like Caesars sportsbook bonus and many others.

Casinos have a little bit of everything for everyone now, including digital machine versions of many classic games. Source: Financial Times

First up it’s probably a good idea to take a look at some new customer bonuses, that way we’ll know what we’re comparing to and to see what these big companies are really looking out for the most eh? At its core, a new customer bonus will end up being something like, matched deposits or free spins on the slots. I’ve even seen free trials in general, where you can play slots or table games for “free” with play money, somewhat similar to those trader apps where you get “given” £10k to trade with or something, but it’s all fake just to try it out, you know?

Now, in my experience, I haven’t dealt with a lot of casinos or betting sites, or companies in general that have loyalty programs, I used to have a GAME reward card where I’d rack up points for buying video games, but, what exactly IS a Customer Loyalty program for a casino? Well it tends to be a system where YOU spend money, then you receive points in return, but what can those points be redeemed for? It seems like the most popular things would be non-gambling purchases, so you’d be able to redeem your points for a meal, or drinks or in some cases, I suppose depending entirely where you are in the world, you could even redeem for a hotel stay.

You spend money, you receive points. You spend points, you receive food and stuff, what’s not to like? Source: Casino Shortlists

The question is, how effective is that at making punters stick around for longer? Well, it depends. Sometimes, I find if I get myself in a bad mood, for example, say I’ve been playing blackjack for a bit and I start to lose faith in the heart of the cards, things haven’t been going my way. Now, I’m not really one to “chase a win” but, I have been known to be a sore loser. The frustration builds. I’ve spent my money. I walk away from the table. But as I’m walking around the casino floor, the smell of some crazy juicy burgers catches my nostrils. Now if I sit down and I fill my stomach with food and top it off with some cake? You better believe I’ll have calmed down and would probably go back in and play some roulette or something.

Now is that going to work for everybody? Maybe not, but I know the feeling of chasing a goal, if you’re only a few points off a hotel stay, you know you’re going to spend the money to get that hotel stay and then milk it, right? It’s only natural.

So that’s going to do it for this one, have you personally been a part of any customer loyalty programs in any casinos? Local, or online, either works. Let us know what they hooked you up with and what you had to do to be eligible! I’ve never had that luxury, I’ve had a few new customer bonuses in my time though, taking advantage of those on various gambling sites is always a really good idea if you’ve never done it before. As always, gamble responsibly and when the fun stops, stop! Take care folks!

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