Betting houses took different forms during history, from poker clubs based in one’s home to huge venues spread across Nevada. And today, punters have an even more comfortable option to enjoy their favorite hobby without any necessity to travel thousands of kilometers and spend enormous amounts of money. As the World Wide Web was developing, gamers got a variety of opportunities to play in an online casino. While the choice is extremely diverse, one can easily find his or her favorite vendor by simply checking out the list of the best wagering portals provided by experienced gamblers.

The future, though, seems to be even more intriguing as there are various directions to which the industry might head to.

New Innovations Approaching in the Era of Technology

Players of the online gambling market and virtual casinos tend to implement new, high-technology features very fast. Thus, modern game libraries are fully compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, and deposits can be made in a very elegant way thanks to the support of online banking and even Apple Pay. There is no doubt that websites will come up with more benefits soon, which are likely to affect the aspects of banking, security, and, of course, gaming. The player of tomorrow will be able to make instant replenishments as well as faster withdrawals. Besides, he or she will receive a seamless experience no matter what device was chosen for betting.

Recreations Harmless for the Nature

The Internet brought many benefits not only for humanity but for our planet itself. While land-based casinos and other facilities create a lot of wastes that are constantly polluting the earth, websites that offer gambling services are more eco-friendly establishments. As this fact fully complies with new trends in ecology and high standards that apply around the globe, investors will pay more attention to the gambling industry and increase the number of investments. Hence, players can expect a decent growth of iGaming in the nearest future.

VR Casinos

VR headsets went to masses a few years ago, and software studios instantly began developing entirely new ways to visit a casino. Punters can already enter a virtual reality facility, which allows them to feel the brick and mortar gambling experience with various slots and table games available. Obviously, this direction was chosen with the long-term perspective in mind, and when these devices will be more affordable, more players will be able to play thousands of games by downloading special software and wearing VR headsets. However, additional downloads aren’t always required as some websites have VR supported by default.

Mobile Devices — The Most Convenient Option for Gambling

Recently, smartphones and tablets became the main source of traffic throughout the web. Betting platforms have anticipated this moment and prepared themselves to be accessed from different types of touchscreens. Now, they can be reached from the portable device’s browser directly or from an app that is dedicated to either iOS or Android cells. As the number of affordable mobile devices is growing non-stop, undoubtedly, in the next couple of years, more mobile casinos will be waiting for iGaming fans.

Expansion of Competitions in the Esports

With the durable growth of Esports popularity, the number of community members willing to place bets on their favorite teams is increasing too. The calculation is simple — the more tournaments there are, the more options for wagers will be offered. At the time of writing, the majority of competitions are held in disciplines like:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • Street Fighter
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale
  • Some others

Certainly, there is much more upcoming as new titles are developed and released every day, drawing more and more attention.

Cards Dealt by Human-like Robots

High-tech robotics solutions are also considered to bring some fresh breath to old-school casinos in the future. The first example of such integration was witnessed in 2016 when an artificial dealer called Min was serving at a gambling table.

These augmentations are still in a prototype phase as robots remain an exclusive technology for today. Their development involves enormous expenditures, and additional 10+ years may be required before they will be used regularly.

Blockchain-driven Features

The Blockchain novel has brought anonymity for users and transparency for outcomes in games of chance at the same time. Based on this modern technology, online operators now can process data and transactions faster and in a more just way. Blockchain stores more information about the website’s activity, which can be then provided for third-party authorities, which conduct audits of casinos. These ensure the randomness of results, a topic that is often used for complaints and speculations.

Crypto banking, along with the upcoming better accessibility of mobile wagering apps, can remove some shackles the iGaming industry yet possesses.

Support of Cryptocurrencies

Even before Blockchain technology was used to power platforms and process gaming events, the support for cryptocurrencies was enabled in numerous online destinations. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin are already compatible with deposits and cash-outs on many platforms, and this feature doesn’t seem to be terminated in the close future. Moreover, the support for a bigger variety of non-national currencies for payments should be expected.

More Bets for Sporting Events

While professional players will keep playing football, basketball, and many other disciplines, sports betting will be in demand. This type of wagering was at the origins of games of chance, and in 2020, the sector kept growing, reaching its all-time record of $203 billion.

Advancements of Live Casinos

Nothing engages punters more than a real casino table and a real dealer. Thus, streaming them straight to one’s desktop was the single right decision made by providers. Recently, this feature became available for a wider audience with the support of smartphones and tablets. In a nutshell, the future of live betting houses is about a more diverse selection of entertainment and a broader choice of devices being compatible.


With everything mentioned above, the only verdict that can be made is that the future of iGaming is brighter than ever before. The industry’s development seems to have no limits for now as there are more enthusiastic and creative people joining the community.

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