Are you skeptical of cryptocurrencies? Then you need to read this post to know that crypto isn’t a thing you ‘re scared of. It needs to be understood because it’s the future of money. Actually, there are many reasons why people have doubts about this. In this post, you will see some big corporations are now creating their own crypto coins.

More interestingly, some of the global companies that you may be using their products or services on a regular basis are also involved in cryptocurrencies. But the root of the companies is neither the blockchain nor the crypto history. Are you excited to know which companies have their own crypto tokens and which companies are creating their own? Then keep reading but before that, I will shed some light on why people are skeptical about cryptocurrencies.

Why People Are Skeptical About Cryptocurrencies?

In fact, the concept of crypto is really very complex. Even blockchain, the technology on which cryptocurrencies work is also hard to understand for many people. It requires a lot of imagination and critical thinking to understand effectively. Moreover, there are many things related to this concept such as decentralization, data mining, distributed ledger technology, cryptography, etc.

Secondly, there is a lot of negative news flooding on the internet. Most importantly, media has a great influence on people, and most of the time the media is not helping people to understand the concept.

Next, there are criminals and fraudsters who take advantage of cryptocurrencies to deceive people. As there is a lack of understanding about this concept many evil-minded people are using it for money laundering. Those people who have become a victim of such fraud activities they are spreading what they have experienced. And it is obvious that they will say what happened to them.

Finally, trust plays an important role in this. People trust in the bank because if something goes wrong then banks will help them. But if something happens wrong with the cryptocurrencies nobody is going to take responsibility. You are solely responsible for fro your actions.

Global Companies Involved in Cryptocurrencies

Some of the companies have already created their cryptocurrency. Whereas some of the companies are investing to create their crypto token. The main reasons behind global companies creating their own crypto tokens are

  1. Financial transactions will be far easier, faster, and effective in cryptocurrencies.
  2. The transaction does not require a central authority for the transactions which makes it cost-effective.
  3. Everything is transparent which means every transaction can be traced back.

JPMorgan Chase

One of the most popular investment banks, JPMorgan Chase, is very soon going to released its crypto token. This token name will be “JPMcoin” and it will help its customer for international transactions.


Do you know the social media giant Facebook has already created its crypto token? The crypto-token of Facebook “Libra”. Libra Association and Facebook are the founding members of the token. Facebook will not be responsible for the operations of the currency, it is only a stakeholder of Libra. However, Facebook is the parent company of Libra Association dedicated to handling the cryptocurrency.


You must have heard of the leading retail supply chain enterprise of the world Walmart. It is now focused on creating its own crypto token. It was searching for alternative ways of transaction and payment for many days. So blockchain has helped it to figure out the payment method. However, there is no official announcement but a lot of rumor is spreading that “WalmartCoin” will be its crypto token.


The most affordable airline in the eastern part of the world is AirAsia. This airline company going to launch its crypto token very soon.


As I have mentioned that these companies are going to create their own crypto coins. It shows that crypto coins are going to be the future of money. If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, the provides a secure trading platform.

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