Escape from Tarkov was created to compete with PUBG and bring more realism and real tactics of special forces to solve combat missions in the battle royale genre.

The US and Russia are fighting each other for control of the territory, but they are fighting not with regular armies, but with the help of private military companies.

The player will have to choose his side of the conflict and decide which PMC he will represent.

American Terra use NATO-style equipment – US Army weapons, equipment, weapons accessories. Soldiers speak English, even if the player has selected other options.

Russian soldiers in PMCs use branded weapons – AK and other domestic samples, wear their own uniforms and speak their native language.

An important role in the game will be played not by the chosen side, but by how quickly you learn to shoot, taking into account ballistics, the ability to survive and get weapons and equipment for yourself, the quality of interaction with local NPCs and merchants, and the ability to earn money.

You can earn money by trading, or you can buy EFT roubles from professional players. The service guarantees compliance with all security measures and anonymity to ensure the safety of the transaction and the buyer’s personal data from unwanted attention from the gaming administration.

Beginning of the game

Do not rush to go on your first sortie – Tarkov is a realistic simulator, so death on the battlefield will mean the loss of all equipment and weapons obtained – it will simply be looted by other players and sold.

To increase your chances of survival for the main character, you’d better practice – you can do it in a special mode against bots. Activity differs only in the strength of opponents, otherwise you will have a full-fledged game map, with the ability to explore all potential places for obtaining weapons, ammunition, equipment, medicines.

There will be no mini-maps or other clues. You have to navigate by an ordinary paper map and a compass, which has yet to be bought. To act competently, try to keep in mind the guidelines for three types of objects:

  • Ammunition storage areas.
  • Medicines and useful accessories.
  • Entry and exit points to the combat zone.



To quickly master all the basic shooting mechanics, you need to understand that in Escape from Tarkov all ammunition has a realistic bullet and grenade flight path.

This means that the cartridge will not fly in a straight line like in CS:GO, but will have distortions and factors that affect the trajectory.

For example, to hit an enemy at a long distance, you need to aim just above head level so that the bullet lies above the shoulders of your enemy.

Single firing is a way of firing one round at a single pull of the trigger, in our case it is a mouse click. Such shooting is the most accurate and economical in terms of saving cartridges – you concentrate during the shot, this increases the overall accuracy, it is often used when shooting at long distances.

Firing bursts – shots fly three rounds each and provide a shock wave and lethality at medium and close distances. Even two rounds will inflict enough damage on the enemy and deprive him of the ability to return fire. This method of firing may not be effective in buildings where you need to put all your firepower to suppress and kill the enemy.

Automatic fire – shooting without limits, which can only be stopped by running out of ammunition. This method of firing is very effective in confined areas, where you need to use maximum damage and suppression of the enemy to eliminate him. The style is very useful in close combat and cannot be useful at long distances – remember this.

Farm and earnings

When you get comfortable on the game map and practice killing bots, you can try your hand at a combat exit.

You can use the main character, or rent a wild one.

Wild is a special kind of mercenary that represents a neutral faction and has neutrality with bandits on the game map. It will not be attacked by locals, but can be killed by players who also rent wild ones.

The character is distinguished by random and often hideous starting weapons. It can be a rusty weapon, bad ammo with misfire chances and low damage.

Wild – are directly related to the faction of buyers. These are local merchants with whom you can and should build relationships.

With a good level of relationship, you will receive an increased rental period for wild, better starting weapons, the ability to trade with NPCs on more favorable terms, the ability to call bandits to your side.

To increase the level, you need to kill wild ones who attack your own, attack PMCs and complete orders from local NPCs.

If you yourself attack other wild ones, you will quickly lose credibility among the buyers.

This will lead to worse prices, increased wild rent cost and duration, worst equipment possible and aggressive status with all the bandits and bosses on the map.

Try not to break the game rules and increase the level of interaction for favorable conditions with the faction of buyers.

Wild – Your option without risks, even if you die, you will simply lose those things that you did not have time to bring to the main character, but the old equipment will remain with him.

To complete your sortie, you need to leave the territory of the combat zone on foot at a special point, or use the paid evacuation service for in-game currency. But keep in mind – there is one minute left before leaving the zone even when paying for the service.

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