Wondering what are some of the best games under 10 MB for Android? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out. Games are one of the best ways to pass time. But if you look at most of the Android games, they are pretty big in size.

And it almost seems like there is hardly any chance to find amazing games under 10 MB for Android. But not to worry, to help you out, I have handpicked 10 Best Games Under 10 MB For Android.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

10 Best Games Under 10 MB For Android

1. Modern Sniper

Sniping games are fun, and we cannot deny the fact. Modern Sniper is one of the best snipping games available out there, which takes you to the underworld.

modern sniper

It comes with more than 50 crime shooter missions. Along with that, the game offers you ultra-realistic 3D graphics for a better gaming experience. Also, you will get 6 unique maps and stunning locations.

Plus, you will get access to 7 different real-world weapons to choose from and upgrade. What’s more? The game is absolutely free to download, and it is only 10MB in size.

[appbox googleplay com.xs.armysniper]

2. Break the Prison

If you are into puzzle games, then Break the prison is one of the best games under 10 MB for Android. In this game, you are sentenced to death for a crime that did not commit. Now your plan is to escape prison.

Break the Prison

The game is packed up with mind hitting puzzles. Plus, you will get to see action yet engaging gameplay. Also, the game has a chilling atmosphere with beautiful visuals. Also, you will get access to more than 40 challenging levels in 8 different themed cells.

[appbox googleplay com.fxb.prison]

3. Stickman Fight

Stickman Fight is an addictive beat them up game based on realistic physics. In this game, your goal is to fight against enemy stickman. Also, the game is backed by powerful sounds, which will help you to get great gaming experience.

Stickman Fight 3

The game comes with a simple and easy to use controls which allows you to enjoy a hardcore gaming experience. Along with that, you will get realistic ragdoll physics and unique and beautiful graphic style. Also, the game packs more than 90 levels of 6 different combat styles plus endless mode.

[appbox googleplay com.fphoenix.stickboy]

4. Ben 10: Omniverse FREE!

If you are a fan of Ben 10 just like me, then you would love Ben 10: Omniverse FREE. The game comes with an interesting storyline where you have to stop Phyphon from destroying undertown. Also, in this game, you will have to battle against Psyphon and four different types of mercenaries.

Ben 10 Omniverse FREE

Along with that, you will need to collect maps and navigate to 3 different undertown neighborhoods. You can also use your Omnitrix to transform into Bloxx, Cannonbolt, Feedback, and Shocksquatch.

[appbox googleplay com.globalfun.ben10omniverse.free]

5. Knock Down

Knock Down is kind of like Angry Birds game. In this game, you will need to knock and down all the boxes standing on some floating platforms with a single shot and angry balls. The game will test your aiming skills.

Knock Down

Moreover, the game has more than 70 strategic, unique, and interesting levels to hook you up for a longer time. Also, the game is based on physics. You may also like Best Game Hacker Apps For Android

[appbox googleplay com.innovativegames.knockdown]

6. Dr. Driving

Dr Driving is one of the best games under 10 MB for Android. The game is all about driving and comes with amazing graphics. As it is a driving based car, so you will need to drive cars and trucks and complete different missions.

Dr. Driving

Also, the game has a number of missions. Like parking, broke brake, lane, and so on. Plus, the game lets you play with your friends.

[appbox googleplay com.ansangha.drdriving]

7. Caveman Adventure

Up next, you have Caveman Adventure. This one is a 2D action-adventure side scroll game. The game takes you to a caveman whose kids are taken by a dinosaur, and the caveman starts to search for his kids.

Caveman Adventure

The game also comes with four different adventure worlds. Also, there are 20 levels included in the game which you need to complete to reach the Boss Dinosaur. So, you can expect engaging gameplay. Also, there are about 20 Dinosaurs birds.

[appbox googleplay stem.caveman.adventure]

8. Die in 100 Ways

Die in 100 Ways is one of the fun to play games, which is a combination of thrilling and horror. You have to work out death’s plan or you will have 100 ways to die.

Die in 100 Ways

The game features more than 24 challenging mini-games, and new challenging missions are keep adding to the game from time to time. Along with that, you will get to see stunning graphics and animations. Also, the game is extremely easy and fun to play.

[appbox googleplay com.zlc.DieWays2]

9. Zombie Attack 2

If you are looking for an adventure game, then Zombie Attack 2 is the best game you can play. In this game, you have to start fighting against the zombies in a forest and rescue your friends and to leave that area as fast as possible.

Zombie Attack 2

Moreover, the game is backed by stunning graphics with inspiring music and sound effects. Plus, there is a map-based adventure shooting game with addictive and interesting gameplay. Also, you will get access to 4 different worlds, 8 heroes with different weapons, 24 different zombie types, and so on.

[appbox googleplay com.zombie.attack.two]

10. Archery

In the end, I have Archery. This one is also one of the best games under 10MB for Android that you can play. t comes with pretty basic gameplay where you need to use a bow and arrows and no other archery gear to shoot and gain high scores.


You will need to shoot a target board with a both and limited no. of arrows. Also, the board has 5 rings drawn on it. Each ring has 10 points difference. Most inner rings have 50 points and also a bonus arrow, and most outer rings have 10 points.

[appbox googleplay com.innovativeGames.archery]

Final Words:

So that was a list of 10 best games under 10 MB for Android. Now it is your call to go ahead and check them out and see how it is working for you. Also, for any more questions, do comment below.

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