Kodi although slowly but has been very impressive service for users who want to share the content around the home. Kodi basically is a free open-source software media center that runs on a platform that includes Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. This makes Kodi an excellent way to access all your media content across all of your devices. Sometimes it happens that Kodi set up does not fit in your screen properly i.e. the Kodi is not full screen. So this is a guide on how to make Kodi full screen and its related settings.

What is Kodi Full Screen?

Since Kodi is made to stream on your monitor or TV screen, therefore, it needs to be displayed on the full screen for proper resolution. In case your Kodi setup isn’t looking full screen or fits your screen properly, all you need to do is resize the display setting within your Kodi settings.

It is very common that with certain Android TV boxes the Kodi interface might look like it is much smaller than your TV screen. You might want to make it a full screen. If you have a laptop that has a high-resolution screen (1080p on 15, 6″ in my case) Kodi might not run very well in full-screen mode if you use a second monitor. The full-screen modus of Kodi will just sort of overlap 80% starting from the left top of the TV.

Since the actual enjoyment of Kodi will come only when you have a full screen that gives better resolution. So one will definitely want to know how you can make changes to get full screen on Kodi.

How to Make Kodi Full Screen?

Sometimes it may happen that Kodi may sit in a Windowed mode with your task manager. So if you can see your taskbar (the bar with the windows button on) while opening Kodi, or the top bar (where the close, minimize and maximize buttons are), then you can use them to make Kodi full screen.

So follow this guide and learn how to make Kodi Full screen.

Method 1- Using Keyboard Shortcut

The first method that you can try out to make Kodi Full screen is using a keyboard shortcut. For this open the Kodi software open and press the following keys on your Keyboard.

Hold ALT in the bottom left of your keyboard, then press ENTER. This will make your Kodi full screen, hiding the bottom taskbar and top menu bar. You can use the similar keyboard shortcut on most other software as well allowing it to go full screen. This will force Kodi to switch to a Windowed view bringing your taskbar back into view.

You can also try this another shortcut that is as follows. When screen space is at a premium and you only need Secure CRT on your screen then press ALT+ENTER (Windows) or COMMAND+ENTER (Mac). The application will expand to full screen and in addition will hide the menu bar, toolbar, and title bar. To restore, simply press Alt+Enter or Command+Enter again.

Method 2- Switch Between Windows and a Keyboard Shortcut

Instead of switching between a Windowed and Full-screen view, this next method will keep your Kodi full screen. Well, you can also switch to other windows that you have currently opened. You can use the same shortcut with other programs and is especially useful for full-screen software.

For this, hold the ALT Key (bottom left of keyboard) and press TAB (top left of keyboard). Don’t let go of ALT after when you press TAB. Your opened windows will appear in an interface so use TAB to select one and let go of ALT to open it. Now use this to switch back into Kodi.

Method 3- Using In-built Kodi Settings

If the above method of using keyboard shortcut does not work in making Kodi full screen then you can use its inbuilt settings. Kodi supports an implemented feature that allows you to choose between Windowed and Full Screen.

Note- These steps are for the Estuary skin, which is the default skin that comes with Kodi Krypton (V17).

Step 1- Open Kodi and then go to System Settings. Do this by pressing the cog icon in the top center of your home screen.

Step 2- Now choose “System Settings”, found in the middle row towards the far right.

Step 3- Ensure that you have the display section on the left. On the right, look for “Display Mode”.

Step 4- Set the option to “Full Screen”. Move away from this menu and Kodi will go full screen.

Was it not simple?

Wrapping Up!

Kodi is surely a powerful all-in-one software for organizing your local media on various devices. So if any such annoying problem or error occurs then it is must to resolve it to use its incredible services. So refer these easy solutions on how to make Kodi Full Screen and feel free to ask for any related query.

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