BBC iPlayer is a well-known and one of the most popular add-ons for Kodi. If you are a fan of British content, then I’m sure that you would have come across this addon. You can catch up with live UK TV channels using the BBC iPlayer Kodi addon. The service is launched by BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and recently supported by Kodi as well. Using this service you can stream live UK TV and various channels for free. While UK residents can easily enjoy these services,   streaming TV channels without a valid UK TV license is also possible. So today we are going to share the complete guide to install BBC iPlayer Addon on Kodi, for both people residing in the UK and outside.

What is BBC iPlayer Kodi Addon?

BBC iPlayer is also known as iPlayer WWW. It is an incredibly popular Kodi plugin that allows you to stream all the live UK TV content from the internet. The BBC iPlayer is no less than a treasure trove of British content. But unfortunately, the users residing outside of the UK, cannot officially access the content as the iPlayer is offered only to the residents of the United Kingdom. However, with the Kodi addon- BBC iPlayer (iPlayer WWW), you can access and enjoy the Kodi iPlayer from anywhere in the country, just with a good Internet connection

As the name suggests the BBC iPlayer is available only to those users who hold a valid BBC TV License. Still, even the users with a valid license, cannot access the content if they travel outside the country. The geographic content blocking by BBC prevents access to the content if the users don’t have a UK IP address.

The installation process of BBC iPlayer is quite easy and similar to all other Kodi add-ons. As this add-on is compatible and supported by various platforms like Amazon Fire TV, FireTV Cube, FireTVStick, Android Box, Android Phones, Windows, and MacBook, you can follow the same process of installation.

How to Install BBC iPlayer Addon on Kodi?

The installation of BBC iPlayer addon on Kodi is simple and so here is the step-by-step installation guide. You can find the BBC iPlayer Kodi add-on in various repositories like Noobs and Nerds, Kodil Repo and many more.

Step 1- Launch Kodi on your device. If you are using Firestick then click on Apps, followed by Kodi.

Step 2- Now open the Settings by clicking on the gear icon. Click on the System Settings, and then click on Add-ons option from the left side menu.

Step 3- Next click on Enable Unknown sources option. This will help you install the third-party. Unofficial add-ons easily on your device.

Step 4- Return to the home screen of the Kodi player. Click on Add-ons.

Step 5- Then select the Package Installer icon. And choose Install from Repository option from the list.

Step 6- Now choose the Kodi repository option. Then choose Video Add-ons.

Step 7- From the list of the Video Add-ons, click on iPlayer WWW. And tap on the Install option.

The installation process will begin and complete in a few minutes. After the BBC iPlayer is installed on your device you can now start streaming your favorite British content online for free. Just don’t forget to log in with the correct BBC iPlayer credentials.

How to Stream BBC iPlayer on Kodi Outside UK?

You need to have a valid UK TV license, to legally stream/watch the iPlayer TV content. But since the BBC iPlayer Kodi add-on can run only with a valid license, the users residing outside the country face issues in accessing the content. You will get a message regarding the streaming of live UK TV channels.

But thanks to the VPN services like IPVanish and ExpressVPN, these restrictions can be avoided easily. With these services, you can stream the BBC iPlayer content outside the UK, without any restriction. VPN services also hide your online/ IP identity from the Government agencies, hackers and mainly from your ISP.

Step 1- Firstly download and install any of the reputed VPN services. You can install either ExpressVPN or IPVanish.

Step 2- Now launch the VPN service and then connect to the US server.

Step 3- Next complete the installation process of BBC iPlayer Add-on on Kodi. And finally, enter the login credentials to start streaming your favorite TV shows.

BBC iPlayer Kodi Addon not Working?

Apart from non-UK resident issue, there are chances that you might find the improper or poor connection of BBC iPlayer Addon. Here are some notable reasons and ways to troubleshoot them.

  1. You’re using an incompatible VPN service

It is one of the most commonly observed issues. A lot of experts have reported through testing that BBC blocks most of the VPNs effectively. So in case, you have installed a free VPN service, then there are chances that you will face connection issues. A free VPN service is not highly recommended from the safety and security point of view. Likewise, there are various paid VPN services that might not work with the iPlayer Kodi addon or any other version of the iPlayer. One of the notable VPN services is IPVanish.

  1. Your BBC iPlayer Kodi addon is outdated

You will find several versions of iPlayer WWW that are doing rounds on the Internet, along with the BBC iPlayer versions of Kodi add-on. The iPlayer WWW version is highly recommended as it is found to work the best. But make sure that you download the latest version of the addon and from a reliable source.

  1. Your credentials don’t work

There are chances that the BBC credentials that you have entered are not correct. So check if your BBC iPlayer username and password are correct.

  1. Your settings might be incorrect

Alternatively, you can fix the credentials issue by using the BBC iPlayer Kodi addon and that too without entering the login credentials. So just Enable BBC iD and Sign in option in the configuration settings.

Wrapping Up

So, guys, this is how you can install BBC iPlayer addon on Kodi. And in case you are not from the UK, but a fan of the British content, then you can install a VPN service to start accessing the BBC iPlayer content. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the process then use the comment section below.

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