If you are a great Kodi fan then brace yourselves to experience the fun and entertainment at its peak with AceStream Kodi 17.6 Krypton addons. AceStream Kodi is a high-quality online live streaming site that offers sports broadcasting, entertainment and much more. For those who are not much aware of AceStream, it is Peer to Peer service that allows users to broadcast live actions using P2P technology. It is kind of similar to torrent files. The peers who are watching the live broadcast are a seed who distribute files to other peers to access the same content. So here in this guide, I will tell you how to install AceStream Kodi on Kodi versions 17 and later.

What is AceStream?

AceStream is a multimedia platform for Kodi fans that allows watching of sports channels and other video content through BitTorrent protocol. Using AceStream Kodi you can access live HD quality TV and appreciate its P2P technology that offers high efficiency. This technology allows users to share the load of the stream. While watching content gathered via AceStream on Kodi, you can share your connection with others whereas your Android TV loads the stream in small multiples, gathering from multiple users. Basically, unlike other apps, AceStream distributes the bandwidth load across several users improving the experience. This add-on basically uses its own media player but you should install Plexus Player on Kodi first.

Features of AceStream Kodi Addon

When it comes to enjoying next level audio and video content from some famous channels nothing can beat the importance of AceStream Kodi add-on. It offers some great features as-

  • High-quality live streaming
  • Access to all sorts of media centers and players
  • Transform your media player into an online movie theatre
  • AceStream Kodi links are not accessible only for a short time

How to Install AceStream Kodi Add-on?

Installing AceStream in Kodi is a solution of cable cutting that makes you forget the monthly Cable subscription. Plexus Add-on is available on Kodi so that you can stream AceStream links and watch sports and movie channels.

Method 1- Install AceStream Kodi 17.5 Krypton Version with Kodil Repo

Step 1- Open Kodi and click on the Settings icon. You can find it in the top left corner.

Step 2- From Settings click and choose “File Manager“.

Step 3- Now click on Add Source.

Step 4- Then enter the URL for the source file. Just copy the following URL and paste it there. http://kdil.co/repo/.

Step 5- Click OK and you will be asked for a name for the Media Source. Give any name and click OK to continue.

Step 6- Now Go back to Kodi Home Page. Click on the “Add-ons” Button.

Step 7- Then click on the Package icon in the top left corner.

Step 8- From several options click on install from Zip file.

Step 9- Now select the file name that you had given above.

Step 10- You will find two repositories inside the “Kodil”. Select kodil.zip instead of repository.ah.zip.

Step 11- Wait for a few seconds. You will get Addon installed message in the top right corner.

Step 12- Now click on “Install from repository”.

Step 13- Under installed repositories click on Kodil Repository.

Step 14- Click on program addons.

Step 15- From all the available programs under kodil repository click to access “Plexus” program add-on to get AceStream support on your Kodi.

Step 16- Click on the Install button to install Plexus.

Step 17- Go back to the Home Page of Kodi. You will see Plexus program add-ons is installed. While clicking the Plexus icon, you will see Kodi downloading modules for AceStream. Just wait until the downloading finishes.

Step 18- You will see an option to stream AceStream Links. Copy and paste the AceStream links or upload Torrent URI to start streaming.

Step 19- Click on AceStream: Play AceStream hash / Torrent URI to paste the AceStream link you want to play. Click OK to continue.

Step 20- A few messages will pop up once you add the link. It will take a few seconds to connect to peers.

Once everything is followed you can continue streaming live TV.

Method 2- Install AceStream on Kodi Jarvis V16 with Kodil Repo

Step 1- Open Kodi and click on “System”

Step 2- Choose the file manager. Tap the “Add Source” button

Step 3- Select “None” and enter the URL: http://kdil.co/repo

Step 4- Write the name of the media source and select Done

Step 5- Go again to the home screen and click on System. Choose Add-ons then “Install from Zip File”

Step 6- Find “Kodil” and install Kodil.zip. Wait for the add-on enabled notification

Step 7- Go back to the previous page and choose “Install from Repository”

Step 8- Select Kodil repository>Program Add-ons>Plexus > Install

Wait for a few seconds to complete the installation. Kodi will automatically update Plexus modules.


Well, this proves that AceStream is one of its kind of add-ons that allows you to enjoy the best entertainment. You do not even have to tie yourself to a cable or satellite subscription. So for an incredible selection of content without the hassle of setting up a TV subscription, one can consider AceStream Kodi as one of the best fit.


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