Users can use this step by step guide to install the add-on installer on their Kodi devices.

Many users are uncertain about the safety while using Kodi. Many of them doubt whether Kodi is legal or not. Well, in answer to these questions is yes. Kodi is perfectly legal and safe to use. It is media center used to run movies, TV shows, and live IPTV channels. There are some third party add-ons (officially legal) which provide free copyright materials and latest media content.

However, even though Kodi is safe and legal, users are suggested to use a VPN connection to perform more secure online activities. VPN connection will avoid your ISP from getting any copyright infringement and hiding your ISP and hence will avoid ISP throttling, and avoid Kodi buffering problem. To keep enjoying watching your favorite movies and TV shows on Kodi, it’s better to use a Kodi VPN service. As it is said, “prevention is better than cure” using a VPN connection will not only avoid any online disturbance and provide you with online privacy and security while you enjoy watching your favorite TV shows or movies.

Now the question arises is what Add-on Installer is then? And what are add-ons? Streaming of movies or TV shows is only made possible in Kodi with the help of Kodi add-ons. Add-ons are available in Kodi Repositories. The Kodi repository contains a collection of Kodi add-ons that users need to download if they have to stream Movies, TV Shows, or Live Sports on Kodi. Whereas, add-on installer is a tool or an app store for Kodi. Here, you can search for any Kodi add-on you wish to install. Now, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on your Kodi device.

Below mentioned is a step by step guide to teach you “how to install add-ons on your Kodi device”. Let’s get started.

Step 1 – Run your Kodi home screen and click on the ‘Settings’ icon.


Step 2 – now click on the ‘File Manager’ option.


Step 3 – Double click on the ‘Add source’ option. A window will pop up. Select the place which says <none>.


Step 4 – Enter the URL mentioned below to the place where it says <none> and press done and finally, hit the OK button.


Step 5 – Return back to the Kodi home screen and click on the ‘Add-ons’ option.


Step 6 – select the box-shaped icon as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 7 – Now, click on the ‘Install from zip file’ option.


Step 8 – Select from the list the media source named as fusion.


Step 9 – select the begin-here option to run it.


Step 10 – Then, select the file.

Step 11 – After this, Indigo add-on will be installed on your Kodi device. Open it and select the Add-on Installer option.

After the installation is completed, you can now select any Kodi add-on and install it to enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

Install Add-on Installer for Kodi

Step 1 – Run Kodi home screen.


Step2 – select the settings icon and then click on the SYSTEM settings. On entering the system settings, find and select the File Manager.


Step 3 – Double click on the Add Source.


Step 4 – select the place where it says <none>.


Step 5 – copy paste the URL mentioned below to the place where it says <none> and press done and then, finally click on OK button.


Step 6 – click on the file.


Step 7 – Then, name the media source as per the name suitable to you or name the media source for example as “a”.


Step 8 – press the OK button.


Step 9 – Return back to the Kodi home screen


Step 10 – click on PROGRAMS option > click on the Install from Zip File option.


Step 11 – browse and find the media source.


Step 12 – Now, click on the BEGIN HERE      option.


Step 13 – click on the file.


Step 14 – Now, the Add-on Installer will be installed.


Step 15 – click on the PROGRAMS option.


Step 16 – click on the Indigo Wizard.


Step 17 – Then select the Add-on Installer from the Indigo Wizard’s menu.


Step 18 – Now, select a category of add-ons, for example, Featured Add-ons


Step 19 – Now, click on the add-on you want to install and then, hit the OK button.


What TV Add-ons Can I Install?


Mentioned below are some add-ons that you can install for enjoying movies, TV shows, sports, and even for download / listening music.


  1. Exodus– By installing exodus you can enjoy Streaming Movies and TV shows
  2. Sports devil– By installing Sports devil you can enjoy Streaming Live Sports, Sports TV
  3. Velocity– By installing Velocity you can enjoy Streaming Movies, TV shows
  4. SALTS– By installing SALTS you can enjoy Streaming Movies, TV shows
  5. 1channel– By installing 1channel you can enjoy Streaming Movies, TV shows
  6. Cast Away – By installing Cast away you can enjoy Streaming Live Sports, TV Shows, Movies.


There are many more of the best TV add-ons that you can install on your Kodi device for a much better experience.


Add-on Installer for Kodi Download


Step 1 – Copy paste the link mentioned below on your browser to download the Kodi Add-on Installer


Step 2 – to install add-on installer, you would have to use the indigo wizard since now the add-on installer is contained within the Indigo wizard.


Step 3 – you can install the add-on installer directly also by installing the Indigo wizard.


Add-on Installer Repo


Step 1 – to install add-on installer repo you need to follow the steps by step guide mentioned above. You just need to skip the step where you had to choose the BEGIN HERE folder. Now you need to locate the kodi-repos folder or the xbmc-repos folder and then locate the Add-on Installer repository among all the other xbmc repositories.


Step 2 – below mentioned is a path to where you will find the xbmc-repos folder

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