Looking for an easy way to watch local TV channels for free? If yes, then you need to install Project Cypher Addon on Kodi right away. It is a complete Kodi addon that gives you access to all the major outlets of News in the US and is full of content.

Kodi has always been in news for its controversial builds and add-ons. While some shut down permanently, some go offline for a few months. The Project Cypher is also the third-party Kodi add-on and so it is possible that you might not get access to it easily. But you can always try because it is undoubtedly one of the best addons for hosting local television channels.

What is Project Cypher?

The Cypher Media created Project Cypher, a Kodi add-on that is a popular IPTV Kodi addon. It allows the user to stream live TV, sports channels, movies, live concerts, serial killer documentaries, and many more types of content available on your TV. You can even watch your favorite Football League events using this amazing Kodi addon for free.

It has gained huge popularity and attraction due to the wide content that it offers. You can view the local news IPTV on Cypher from the main screen. All the news stations are alphabetically sorted, and most of the streams work fairly well.

There are other sections as well. Like TV shows, movies, Cypher Sports Zone (Live and VOD), Cyphers APK IPTV, Cyphers VIP IPTV, Cypher Chilled Zone, Cypher Miami TV, Cypher Concerts and Events, Cypher 24/7 TV, and Cypher Serial Killers.

Project Cypher will surely help you find at least one station that will fit into your needs. It not only great for local TV but you also get access to tons of more content. So if you have decided to try it then be careful because it might become your favorite.

How to Install Project Cypher Addon on Kodi?

The installation process of this IPTV fame add-on is just like any other Kodi add-on. Here is the step-by-step guide that will help you in the process.

Step 1- To begin with, launch the Kodi app. And open settings.

Step 2- Now click on System Settings. Check if the Unknown sources option is enabled. If not then turn it to On position.

Step 3- Navigate back to the home page. Open File Manager.

Step 4- In the new window, click on Add source option from the mirrored list. A new window will open, click on the None tab.

Step 5- Enter the following URL- http://cypher-media.com/repo/ in the space provided and click OK.

Step 6- Next give the media source a suitable name, say Cypher Project. Make sure you give a name that you can remember because you will need to open it in the next steps.

Step 7- Click ok. Return to the Home screen again.

Step 8- Open the Add-ons from the menu on the left side. Then click on the Package Installer icon.

Step 9- Choose the Install from zip file option. And click on the Cypher Project file that you saved previously.

Step 10- Next click on repository.Cypherslocker.zip option.

Now, wait till the repository gets installed. You will receive the message on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 11- Now click on Install from repository option. And choose Cyphers locker repo option.

Step 12- After installation completes, click on Video Add-ons. Then choose Project Cypher.

Step 13- Finally in the new window that opens click on the Install option.

Again wait for a few seconds till the message appears. This will take a few seconds and soon you will be able to enjoy the free streaming of live and local TV channels.

Best Project Cypher Alternatives

There are certain legitimate Kodi add-ons that will help you stream content safely. If you do not want to take risk then you can install one of these as well.


Crackle is one of the best and safest option to stream movies and television shows for free. From shows like The Tick, Heroes Reborn, The Shield, and Huff you will get all the classic TV shows and movies here.  Also catch up with movies like Shaun of The Dead, The Cable Guy, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on Crackle. With the help of advertising the service is paid.

PS Vue

There are some paid TV services as well that re doing great. One of them is PS Vue which you can try if you are looking for on-demand and live TV options. You can subscribe to PS Vue and its services. And so you get access to all the cable channels without renting a cable box. You can enjoy various channels and stream content like movies, sitcoms drama, sports, and more.


Another addon that offers a lot of free live television content is Pluto.tv. It offers CNBC, CBSN, Al-Jazeera, and Cheddar like highly-rated news channels. It also hosts channels that are devoted to anime, college sports, celebrity gossip, video games, and many other subjects. Overall, it has more than 100 free channels completely. It doesn’t matter what you prefer watching, you will definitely find something here.

Wrapping Up

So, guys, this was an easy step-by-step guide to download and install the Project Cypher Kodi addon on your device. It is one of the strongest addons to stream live TV and if you are a sports freak then you can catch up with all the live content and local channels with Project Cypher. I’m sure you will just love it. We hope that this article was helpful and in case of any query or you would like to share something, hit the section below.

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