In this article, I will help you out with How to Watch PPV on Kodi for free.  Along with this, you will get the list of 4 best PPV addons to watch all pay per view shows live on Kodi.

Let’s get started.

PPV is acknowledged as Pay Per View. Watching any event streamed through PPV is quite tricky and confusing some times. Talking about the media streaming services, numerous high-profile sports events are now turning their face towards media streaming services. Here you need to pay to watch them and at the same time, you need a stable internet connection to have access to their services.

Though the streaming services to go through a hard time managing their servers online due to high demand and because of this reason, people are searching for other alternatives.

Here Kodi comes to your rescue as it can also be turned into a streaming device.

Use a VPN before Watching PPV on Kodi

Before going further, it is important to bring to your notice that whatever you might be doing through  Kodi, is very much visible to your Internet service provider. All your surfing and every other thing you do online is visible to your internet service provider. The ISPs collect all the data regardless of being it personal and shares it with third parties. Unfortunately, we cannot stop this from happening as it is meant this way. Just to secure yourself from any third party infringement and avoiding ISP from collecting any of your personal data, it is recommended to use a VPN connection.

The VPN connection will ensure that you are using Kodi privately and no ISP can steal your data and hide your IP address from your internet service provider.

The VPN will reroute all your web traffic through the encrypted tunnel. Doing this will make your data unreadable by your internet service provider. Your VPN connection will mask your actual IP address and get you a new IP address every time whenever you connect to the internet. This will hide your online presence as well as your location. Hence, using VPN will keep the malware away from your device and will allow you to watch any restricted content.

How to Watch Pay per View on Kodi

In order to watch pay per view (PPV) events on Kodi, you need to fulfill three requirements mentioned below.

1. You need to have a broadband Internet connection 

Having a broadband internet connection applies especially while streaming videos in HD, and in 4K resolutions. The broadband connection must have a bandwidth of 15 Mbps at least.

2. Install Kodi on your preferred device

Kodi application is compatible with almost all the devices including computers, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

3. Install third-party add-ons within Kodi

Here, you first need to know which add-ons work and which one is the best PPV Kodi add-ons.

Let us get started with knowing some best Kodi add-ons for pay per view (PPV) Kodi.

Best Kodi PPV Addons

Below, you will find some best recommendations for Pay per View (PPV) Kodi add-ons that will help view the events of PPV. The best four pay per view (PPV) add-ons are listed below which will help you to watch PPV in the easiest way possible.

1. Planet MMA


Planet MMA is known to be one of the best sports add-ons to watch PPV. The Planet MMA covers all the mixed martial articles or you may say the ultimate fighting championship (UFC). The add-on covers anything that is related to the MMA and UFC.

When you will open this add-on you will come across a grid of different categories. The add-ons come with more than 30 categories. The add-o allows you to watch live programming and on-demand videos. The add-on also allows its users to tune to pay per view (PPV) programming as well.


In order to get the best performance, it is recommended to use a Real Debrid account. It will optimize your Internet connection and uses fast-performing servers.

2. Fight Tube


The fight tube add-on manages to bring unique content for its users. It is again one of the most interesting add-ons. The fight tube has now become one of the most favorite add-ons in recent time. Users who are interested in watching boxing, WWE, UFC, kickboxing and similar types of sports then, fight tube is the best add-on for you.

When you will launch the fight tube add-on, its home screen will display a number of different content categories. Due to the content is displayed in orange color it’s difficult to navigate through the large list of categories. You can also find some replays of the PPV (pay per view) events. However, the fight tube add-on is not dedicated to PPV (pay per view).

3. Rising Tides


Rising tides have been one of the most incredibly popular add-ons. The Rising tides add-on has gone through many ups and down, even though it offers plenty of great content for its users. But, the Rising tide add-on is not in the best shape.

When you will run this add-on you will come across several different categories. Using this add-on you can watch live sports channels with other types of TV channels from all around the world. The rising tides offer a category called the ‘Live Pay per view (PPV) events’.

When you click to open it, you will come across many trending events, as well as the upcoming events. To watch any live event, you need to open the link 30 minutes before the event starts. Opening the link 30 minutes before the events start will allow you to take your seat and will also optimize your internet connection on time.

4. Maverick TV


Last but not the least is the Maverick TV add-on. If you are seeking a place to answer your question on how to watch PPV on Kodi is Maverick TV then, this is the place.

The Maverick TV add-on is all about watching live TV programs and on-demand videos. The add-on allows its users to watch a variety of most popular TV channels and s organized nicely with appropriate sections.

While using this add-on you have several options for viewing PPV (pay per view) since there is no dedicated section for PPV (pay per view). You will find several categories in Maverick TV add-on out of which Maverick live sports is one of them. Similarly, there is Maverick sports and IPTV extra. You need to find the link within the add-on in order to watch an event.

Other Addons to watch PPV on Kodi

  1. Live Hub
  2. Zem TV
  3. UK Turk Playlist
  4. Digitele Sports
  5. Sports devil
  6. Sports Nation HD

So install any of these PPV Addons and enjoy Live PPV on Kodi.


Above mentioned are the best Pay Per View (PPV) add-ons that you can use to watch PPV on Kodi. There are also some other alternate resources which also host Pay Per View (PPV) events that you can use. We will add more of such to the list very soon.

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